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Solar garden lighting is a very practical and naturally popular option among home owners. With its use of free energy, easy to install feature and automatic ON/OFF, it effortlessly succeeds in adding convenience and character to its surroundings.

I am a first-time independent house owner and am leaving no stone unturned in my research to get the best deal, service and look, for the entire gamut of furniture and fixtures for my dream nest.

My front garden though small, is my pride and joy. Besides the perfectly manicured lawns and trimmed hedges, the seasonal flowering plants adding their multiple hues to the surroundings, what gives me extreme satisfaction and deep pleasure is the ambience that is created with the solar lighting.

Placement of solar lighting is of extreme importance. Careful never to place the instrument under any foliage or vegetation, exposure to maximum sunlight allows full charging of the solar panels allowing it to illuminate to the maximum. Moreover, it should not be placed close to another light source too as it may cause it to go off unexpectedly before time. What I chose was 12 Led motion sensor lights to showcase my home. Powered by the sun, this piece of lighting could be mounted on the wall and staked in the ground. This gave me the satisfaction of maintaining the uniformity from the living room entrance to the garden.

The 12 LED Solar Spot light serves as a good security option too. If the ON/OFF switch for motion is left ON it will light up on sensing any smallest activity in the distance span of 5m and then goes off automatically if there is no movement for 30 seconds. Saving a great amount of battery charge. This feature was specially reassuring. Advantageous in many ways, it acts as a deterrent as its sensitive sensors pick up motion immediately, there is no need of putting on any switch if mounted on a wall, walk into a dark room and you are flooded with light, simultaneously it allows you to be environmentally conscious, using alternate forms of energy in your home you are reducing the carbon footprint. A small but meaningful step in saving planet earth.

We at StyleAsia carry a variety of outdoor/Indoor Solar Lighting from our brand Ecothink. Ecothink is known for its practical and aesthetic design, durability and functionality. The 12 LED solar sensor spotlight is one such product from the Ecothink family. A sensitive motion sensor light ideal to secure you and your property. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience. We shall be honored if we can partner with you as you secure your home and family with energy from the sun.