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I often wonder if I am the only one who starts removing the holiday decorations, lights and all the accompanying paraphernalia almost a month in advance. I spent last weekend bent over the carton pulling out all the fittings from last year! Mentally imagining and deciding how differently I was going to place them this year. Some needed to be replaced, others were in mint condition. There were pockets in the house that needed a touch of lights. I was pretty sure there was room for shopping!

Living in a multi-level house gives me the freedom to decorate and dazzle, create and feed the festive spirit wholeheartedly. Last year the focus was on scented candles and fairy light lit windows, this year I want to do something different. Scented flame-candles are not a viable option anymore as now I have a frisky new member in my family, VIVA my 5-month-old puppy. Candles and lighting are so much part of the festive spirit that not having them burning seemed unimaginable. I am glad I started my Project Decoration a tad early, it got me thinking, imagining and I landed a beautiful and ideal solution too.

The NORTHPOINT FLAMELESS LED FLICKER CANDLE SET WITH INFRARED REMOTE CONTROL is what is going to be my star decorator. These realistic looking candles add character to the décor. Three different sized candles make up the set and can be switched on remotely, creating a truly mesmerizing effect. I am sure there is no other safe and beautiful way of creating and enjoy the holiday spirit. Though made from wax they celebrate in a safe and smokeless way. They remain cool to touch even after hours of continuous use. This set of 3 flickering LED candles is a great piece for outdoor and indoor use. Walking around with my decorator hat and imagining their placements around the house, I have decided that I shall need at least a dozen of these candles.This year I shall place them on the four windows facing the road and leave them on the entire evening into the night as they will create that warm welcoming glow inviting into our home the true holiday spirit.

The NORTHPOINT FLAMELESS LED FLICKER CANDLE SET WITH INFRARED REMOTE CONTROL is not just a decorative piece that adds character and style to your surroundings, but a must have in your home for electrical emergencies too. This very thought crossed my mind as I went about darkening the house to see the effect that these candles created when placed against the windows and truly enough, they bathed the surroundings in a graceful glow. A dinner table accessorized with these soulful flickering candles will stir up the romantic mood. The versatility of its usage opened up in front of me a variety of ways that I would be able to use these beautiful pieces in the holiday season. I am so very excited that I am often tempted to show of all my different arrangement in advance. But, No! I shall practice utmost restraint and wait for the appropriate time to showcase and show off to all what all I could create with these pieces.

We, at StyleAsia are the manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor of this beautiful set of 3 from brand Northpoint. A brand that has an established identity for style, substance and quality. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience. It shall be an absolute honor if we can partner with you as you create and spread the grace and glow of the holiday season.