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The following is the list of quotes that ring in my ears as I set up my out-door barbeque unit. It is with utmost pleasure that I repeat and sometimes shout it aloud. It gives me some sadistic pleasure, as two decades ago I was on the proverbial, other side. Now I am in charge and it is my domain.
• Always be nice to the chef.
• Annoying the cook will result in smaller portions.
• Only I have the license to grill.

Till very recently I fell in the category of a reluctant, bottle/packet ready to open and enjoy kind of person, for whom the concept of instant and microwave cooking was magical.
Circumstances are now entirely different. A health scare of dear relative and two small children have converted me forever. For me cooking, specially grilling is now the most mentally stimulating and therapeutic activity. Over time I have realized that the benefits of grilling are endless, experimenting with the flavors and coming with my own combinations excites me, which makes me put on my grilling mittens often. Besides the quotes listed above my grand mother was famous for another. She always said,” Eating well is a form of self- respect” as she served us her singularly delicious grilled meats. She truly was a maestro. She made it look all so easy. Eat well, eat healthy, respect yourself was what she believed in.
Armed with my 18 – piece Stainless Steel BBQ set I endeavor to feed my children healthy and wholesome food too. No doubt grandma made cooking look very easy with her passion and skill, but I can proudly say that with my newly found perseverance I am out to achieve that as well. The 18 – piece Stainless Steel BBQ Set which includes a slotted turner with tenderized blades and bottle opener, a silicone basting brush, an 8” all purpose blade a heavy duty fork jumbo tongs, steak knives and corn holders and a grill cleaning brush is what helps me accomplish my goal with ease.

I am now an ardent advocate of both the BBQ cooking method as well as the BBQ machine and tools. There are times when children laugh at me when I suggest to them that learning how to cook and specially grilling should be made mandatory in schools. If knowledge of Math and English is considered mandatory for success, I firmly believe knowing to cook is a life skill too. Knowledge of cooking helps develop healthy and happy families. I feel truly horrified when I see a meal left to chance. Eating or feeding a healthy meal should be the most important activity of the day.

We at Style Asia are the Manufacturer/wholesaler/distributor of a variety of tools for BBQ/Grilling. Under our brand Chefs Basics Select we carry the 18- piece Stainless Steel BBQ Set and the 7-piece BBQ tool set. Made from premium quality steel, arranged practically in a smart aluminum case for easy portability, they are truly a delight for professional and amateur grillers alike. Please feel free to contact us or visit our showroom at your convenience. We shall be highly honored if we could partner you in your quest for cooking and serving hearty, healthy and wholesome food.