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Team StyleAsia

From a mediocre student I grew into an achiever all due to the tool called incentive. From the small stars and smileys saying keep it up! to additional class responsibilities all served what they set out to achieve. Motivate me, unleash my capability and help me grow in confidence and self- belief. From a mediocre student I grew into an achiever and then the ultimate achievement of VALEDICTORIAN of my batch of 2005. Incentive was hugely responsible for the change.

I have consciously used this tool called Incentive in my professional life. Incentive works across all ages! It has successfully helped me grow my business, achieve targets, maintained employee loyalty and at the same time inculcated a spirit of positive competition amongst the staff members. The logic of using incentive as a tool for business growth is simple, incentive helps employees achieve company goals. Research shows that not only is there an increase in the motivational level of the employees but a marked improvement in their concentration, skill and commitment as well.

We as a company have adopted a graded incentive approach, our incentives include paid holidays, arranging meet and greet occasions with sports idols. [We do have many basketball enthusiasts on board] and other practical gifts keeping in mind employee tastes and preferences. One thing we have consciously decided is that we do not give monetary incentives, we are in the business of building beautiful memories and retaining them, so our incentives always work towards reminding the person of when and why he got it. We have an achievers wall, a colorful collage of memorable photographs of employees receiving their incentive package. It is most certainly the most gazed at wall in our entire complex. Our budget for what we call the Incentive Enabler Fund is always decided at the beginning of the financial year. I can proudly say that this has grown every year, every penny constructively spent on motivating, growing and achieving.

Style Asia is a 33 -year -old company in the business of wholesale/distribution of general merchandise.  We have for you a wide variety of promotional products ranging from Bluetooth speakers, candles, lanterns, bakeware and kitchen ware, BBQ and tailgating tools, Do-it-yourself tools to choose from. Please feel free to connect with us or contact us at your convenience, we shall be delighted if we can partner with you as you grow your business to the next level using the tool called Incentive.