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Team StyleAsia

I am about to fulfill the promise I made to my Nana almost 10 years ago. As I entered a very competitive world of event management, confident about myself but uncertain of the surroundings, she stood by me and my career decision as a pillar of strength and encouragement. Always egging me on to be positive, work hard and leave the rest to the almighty’s will. Today 10 years later after my share of trials and tribulations I have come out many times stronger, satisfied and successful and on the threshold of fulfilling my promise of organizing her 75th birthday party.

My Nana is a very young 75! Gregarious, popular, witty and well-loved she cuts a grand figure as she is always seen with her well- coiffured hair, manicured nails and well made-up face. Never a strand out of place she is the envy of many. Her big day is just a week-end away and I am trying my level best to keep everything under wraps. So far, I have succeeded in keeping the surprise element alive, but I hate to admit, it is fast getting very difficult to do so. She is so alert and tuned on to everything that a simple exchange of phone numbers gets her all excited with a barrage of questions following as to why I am exchanging contact numbers of her bridge -group friends? She says she knows I’m up to something but can’t really put her finger on what.

Not one to cut corners or compromise in any way, she has always lived life king -size. As I put the finishing touches to the party that we have organized I sincerely hope that she has a time of her life enjoying her special day with her friends and loved ones. I know her taste well and have been extra mindful of incorporating it into every aspect of the party, be it décor, food, beverage or music.

Nana loves her wine! She is often heard quoting Andre Simon who said, “Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant everyday more civilized. A party without her favorite beverage was unimaginable! So, we will have a smart, savvy sommelier to do the honors. He will be serving the grand,young ladies their favorite beverage following the appropriate and correct method of opening, tilting and serving. To open the many bottles correctly, so that the quality of the beverage is not compromised in any way we have bought a set of the wine opening tools. Le Regalo 6Pc Wine Tool Set. A premium quality stainless steel set with a wine stopper, wine pourer, wine drip ring, foil cutter and a 3-in 1 corkscrew bottle opener, all this concealed in a bottle shaped storage. It will be highly inappropriate and insulting to have pieces of cork floating in the beverage! Nana would be scandalized if that ever happened. Her party must be perfect. The,Le Regalo 6Pc Wine Tool Set will ideally be used to preserve any unfinished bottle too.

We, at Style Asia are the manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor of everyday practical products from brand Le Regalo. A brand that carries a collection of gift articles that we know will be received with eagerness and shared with joy. The gift articles from brand LE REGALO cover kitchenware, house ware and glassware. These beautiful creations made from the choicest material make a statement with every serving. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience, we shall be highly honored if we can partner with you as you take pride in using and gifting products that are steeped in quality and style.