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As a little girl the only thing I wanted was to grow up, dress up and look like my mother. She was a stunning looking lady; poise, perfection and all heart would be the words to describe her. Often family, friends and even strangers commented on my resemblance to her, my immaturity made me believe that I could be her. The hair and the dress could be replicated but never the zest with which she faced life, its adversities and challenges and the humility with which she counted her blessings. I am a pale version of the super woman I call MOM. I still turn to her, for her comforting hug and her ever soothing voice saying HAVE FAITH, THIS TOO SHALL PASS reassures me instantly. My mother has always been mine and now is the role model for her grand kids too.

Her special day is fast approaching. Though, just a day is never enough to express our love and respect for her, appreciate all that she has done and continues to do for all of us. We as a family celebrate it with her, in the manner she desires. She decides the itinerary for the day and all of us fall in line! This year she has chosen to organize a barbecue session with all her grandchildren, she yet wants to be the giver and not the receiver. She always says, “for it is in giving that we receive”. Having the family by her side, all having fun, enjoying her cooking and each other’s company is what gives her peace. Her Idea of a fulfilling, fun day. So be it! 13th MAY 2018 MOTHER’S DAY will be our marathon Barbecue Day. Never a great fan of celebrating away from home in fancy restaurants, she firmly believes that food tastes better when you eat with family, for her a home cooked meal is an expression of love.

To make it easier and quicker to cook and serve a variety of foods simultaneously to the ever expanding family, we have made a practical choice of gifting her a set of 3 Piece Cast Iron Skillets. A quality product that will give her the freedom to cook and plate in quick succession. With pan sizes ranging from 6 1/4” to 9 3/4” her desire to serve an elaborate menu will be easily achieved.

We, at Style Asia carry a complete and exhaustive collection of Barbeque, Grilling and Tailgating accessories. Every requirement, to achieve the desired result in taste and presentation will be successfully achieved with these superior quality cast iron products from JIM BEAM. Please do feel free to connect with us or contact us at your convenience, it will be an honor to partner with you as you to seek to cook the perfect steak or prepare a perfect burger for family and friends. Wishing all the mothers a blessed Mother’s Day, a day complete with fun, food, family and friends.