polaroid watch manufacturer

In this age where reuse, recycle, reconstruct is the norm for almost everything TIME is an exception. One thing you can’t recycle is wasted time. This lesson learnt early in life goes a long way in shaping your personality. Nobody wants to be perceived as unreliable, rude with scant regard for another. If people think of you in such terms you most definitely are unpunctual and willingly making a habit of it.

The saying LIKE FATHER LIKE SON does not apply to the virtue of punctuality. You do not inherit this virtue, it is not part of your DNA. It is a virtue that must be adopted conscientiously, nurtured and maintained. A person who is punctual says a lot about himself without trying too hard. It shows he has purpose, builds for himself a positive reputation and is regarded as a sincere and reliable person with integrity. Wow! that is a lot you achieve by being punctual.

The excuses that are given for not being present on time has all the ingredients of a comedy show. From my pet wouldn’t stop licking me to I thought we were meeting tomorrow. The most common one being I was stuck in traffic. Currently with the wide gamut of technology available, where every activity is micromanaged to the last second being late is akin to strangling your reputation with your bare hands.

Thank you, Google Maps, calculation of time required to commute from location to destination is now possible to almost 100% accuracy with traffic delays also factored in.

We at StyleAsia carry a wide range of time pieces from Polaroid a brand famous for its quality and precision. These trendy and colorful wrist watches will serve to partner you reach your destination on time every time.