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Make repair, rebuild your hobby.

“If you want a thing done well, do it yourself.”   NAPOLEON BONAPARTE

Hi, my name is Kandy and I am a creative person who loves to decorate, rearrange, reuse, recycle and explore innovative use of different fabrics and materials. It all started with a simple exercise of rearranging furniture. I rearranged the furniture in my grandparents’ house to enable them to move around more easily and discovered a hidden talent in me. I had a sense of placing things to maximize space as well as I had maintained the character of their home, they were delighted and so was I. Grandma complained of squeaky doors and I helped her get rid of that irritating sound by just tightening the hinges. My grandparents are from that generation where things are repaired and not replaced. It was a moment of revelation for me. I had found my calling. I wanted to be an interior designer.

That simple exercise gave way to more exciting opportunities, from decorating a room on a shoe string budget where I was to get paid for the work I so immensely enjoyed. The creative creature in me took over and I went hammer and tongs and dismantled the entire room. Cabinets, study table beds, side table dresser etc. were all dismantled. Some repainted, some used a coat of polish, added a few more shelves, changed the position of some paintings and we had an entirely new living space. To decorating a playschool from scratch, where I was given a free hand to imagine, build and create a space to nurture innocent minds. My passion was slowly but surely transforming into my profession.

All this was possible because of my various assistants that I had with me. All the do- it- yourself tools available at my disposal from the precision screwdrivers, the cutter, the pliers, the assorted bits, measuring tape, utility knife and a motley collection of hardware. All these tools were truly built to perform. I attribute my success entirely on the tools, without which my design and creativity would have remained dormant.


In times where self-help is considered the best help, the satisfaction of creating a surrounding to your taste is immensely gratifying. I successfully converted building and repair into a hobby and then into my livelihood, using the premium professional quality do- it- yourself tools available. To put it simply, I decided not to be like Humpty Dumpty waiting and expecting people to pick up the pieces and put them together. Do it yourself! Anything loose, tighten it. Something broken, fix it.  There is lots of help available. Build, repair with AMERICAN BUILDER.

We at Style Asia carry a variety of combinations of home tools ranging from a 7-piece tool set to a 26- piece tool set. All available in well-designed mold cases, made from the strongest alloys available. These tools have been rigorously tested and built to last. Please feel free to visit our show room or contact us at your convenience. Help us, help you build, create, repair with American Builder.