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My daughter is all of 5. The princess in her home, having her father at her beck and call! Her wish is his command. Needless to say, she knows it and uses it to her advantage. Watching her I have come to the conclusion, children can be so effortlessly manipulative and parents so gullible. But then it is the combination of indulgence and love that makes them so.Getting her to eat her meals is a task. A picky eater, there is really nothing that she absolutely relishes. Yesterday she announced that eating food was a waste of time and it would be so much easier if God had made a hole in our throat into which the food could be poured! She would eat without a fuss and mom would never have to yell “finish what’s on your plate”

However, what she really enjoys is painting and coloring. She can spend hours sprawled on the floor with all her coloring supplies, creating some very interesting pictures. Yesterday after a rather taxing day at work I was in no mood to spend the evening cajoling,threatening, pleading with her to finish her meal. My husband sensed that I was ready to snap and made a flowing statement. He told her that he could produce colored forks to match the vegetables on her plate. That got her attention! So, the carrots would need an orange fork, the broccoli green and of coarse the mashed potatoes would need to be eaten with a yellow one. It was exasperating! I was ready to send her off to her room when my husband produced this attractively packed box of colorful flatware. THE CHEFS BASICS SELECT 24 PC COLORFUL FLATWARE SET. I cannot describe the expression that spread across her face, a mixture of curiosity, excitement, wonder and anticipation. She was ready to eat anything if she could use those colorful forks. My respect for my husbands parenting skills went up a few notches. He had used her love for color so beautifully and aptly. His attempt to tempt paid rich dividends and we now have a happy kitchen with wholesome food and a colorful table. The set has six flamboyant colors of orange, red, green, blue, purple and yellow. My daughter’s love for the combination of color and food has now spread to M&M’S, skittles too. She skillfully wraps her father around her tiny fingers bargaining the quantity she can eat after she has eaten her meal with THE CHEFS BASICS SELECT 24 PC COLORFUL FLATWARE SET.

We at Style Asia are the manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor of this colorful flatware from brand Chefs Basics Select, a brand that scores high on safety, functionality, quality and design. Perfect for everyday use and for casual gatherings. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience. It shall be an absolute honor if we can partner with you as you attempt to spread color and smiles among your loved ones.