Aqua Sound – Incredible combination

Aqua Sound Entertainment – Incredible combination

The combination, of sound, a type of energy and water, one of the elements of life, creates magic. Aqua and Sound is a partnership that is both calming and energizing. Sound is a means of communication by nature. The sound of the cascading waterfall, thunder announcing the onset of monsoons, the gentle lapping of the waves on the shoreline, the rippling sound of the brooks, all a combination of the two powerful mediums of Aqua and Sound.

Sound has a physiological effect on the human mind. The sound of music has the ability to change one’s emotions from making a person more happy, confident or even sad. Sound has been used as a means of entertainment, relaxation for times immemorable. Music therapy is often recommended to maintain the psychological and physical wellbeing of individuals.

Technology has enriched, enlightened and empowered our lives. The spread of BLUETOOTH technology has been fast and furious, as a result it has had a huge impact on its users and society in general.

What is BLUETOOTH technology?

It is simply an inexpensive technology that helps unite various devices to transmit data, without the use of cumbersome cables.

Why is it called BLUETOOTH?

This technology is named after the 10th Danish King Herald Bluetooth who united Scandinavian Europe at the time it was severely fractured. There is the connection, it connects the different devices, creating connectivity between them.

One of the biggest beneficiaries of this technology has been the music industry. It has truly revolutionized the way music is heard and enjoyed.

It is easy to move to the rhythm and beat of sound and it becomes much more enjoyable when surrounded by water. The new water resistant/water proof Blue tooth speakers circumvent all our reservations of water touching our sound device. These speakers enable you to enjoy your music anywhere and everywhere without compromising on the quality of sound or music.

For all the music lovers we bring to you the SUBLIME music experience through AQUA SOUND ,our range of WATERPROOF/WATERRESISTANT BLUETOOTH speakers. Available in vibrant colors, easy to install and strategically place. In the shower ,at the beach , by the pool enjoy ,sing or hum away without a care.