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The wisdom of Aristotle has been a guiding light for many. He said, “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”

Being a student of science and a teacher of geography, I hold the topic of global warming, carbon footprints and alternate green sources of energy very close to my heart. Every year as summer approaches I take climate change as a topic for the week and impress upon the class the need and urgency with which we should deal with this monster and do our best to tame it. Each year I notice a marked increase in knowledge and desire for change. I remember discussing climate change with fourth graders and was impressed with the in-depth knowledge they had. There were many who felt strongly about the callous manner in which their elders had treated and were treating planet earth. They spoke about measures that they had taken to reduce the damage. It was heartening to see that they felt so strongly about the damage caused that they were willing to get a petition signed by their parents promising to bring about a change in the manner electricity was to be consumed in their respective households.

The majority of the children spoke about how their homes had adopted solar lighting. Their garden lights too functioned on solar energy. One child spoke about how his goody bag on his birthday contained a vintage solar lantern! The class Dilton spoke about photo voltaic cells, some were clueless about the terminology, but he succeeded in explaining the light to electricity conversion in a simple way. Impressing upon them the ease with which solar energy could be used to fulfill our energy needs. He cautioned the class about the rapidly melting ice-bergs and the increase in the water level of the, oceans. Some of them seemed genuinely worried about the class rooms being flooded if it rained heavily. Truly impressed with their emotion and enthusiasm for the topic! I am convinced our planet is in safe hands.

They realize that installing solar lighting in one household is not going to make the slightest difference to the effects of global warming or climate change. But that does not mean that you do not take that step forward. Small changes eventually add up to huge results. I take great pride in the students understanding of the problem and the urgency to bring about the change. My role of helping them with their baby steps towards being responsible citizens of planet earth fills me with a sense of purpose and pride.

We at StyleAsia are the manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of indoor and outdoor solar lighting from brand ECOTHINK. A brand that is eco friendly, energy efficient and extraordinarily effective.

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