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As I step out of the Cardiologists Clinic, I am in awe of the youngster walking beside me. A lad of 21, my oldest grandson. A boy who has done us all proud with his perseverance, hard work and commitment as he pursues his degree in Electronics and telecommunication Engineering.

Last month he requested me to be his live model. He needed some heart beat readings for his final year project on CARDIAC ARRHYTHMIA DETECTION USING IOT [ Internet of Things]. He walked into my room with some wires and electrodes and his laptop. Wanted me to lie still as he stuck those electrodes to my chest, waited patiently as the readings were sent to the microchip which converted the data and sent it to his lap top. A simple exercise that look no longer than a few minutes. I was only to happy to help as I saw it as a means of helping the youngster as he went about his rather hectic student life.

It was later that afternoon that he questioned me in detail about my medical history and insisted I, schedule an appointment with the cardiologist. I have always wanted to understand why and what made him do that. Whenever I asked him his answer would be Because you can’t beat a healthy heart!

Yes, the doctor did confirm an irregular heart beat and started me on medication to regulate the same. It also confirmed that his rather basic detection model worked! Those comparative charts that had popped up had indeed shown him something irregular!

The next thing I know is that I have been presented with a Smart Watch that would monitor my heart rate, count the steps I took, monitor my sleep and also warn me if I have not had any activity for a long time. Not very savvy with the latest technology I was reluctant to try the various features. But the simplicity with which it recorded and reported made me an instant fan of this piece of technology. I now understand the significance of this thoughtful gift, living by myself at a distance from the family having constant monitoring of such important parameters as the heart rate is a good idea to allow prompt action in case of any emergency.

We live in a world of smart technology and artificial intelligence. Though many of us from my generation have a natural apathy towards these gadgets, and miss the traditional pieces, I have concluded that it is in our interest that these gadgets are accepted and adopted as they serve to entertain us, keep us connected and also monitor our health. After having familiarized myself with the various features and usage I am filled with a sense of security. I feel confident and in charge of my health. I constantly monitor my heart beat and keep an eye on the pedometer readings too. The watch has some awesome fun functions . I am able to read, reply to my messages, listen to music, take photographs simply using the smart watch! All thanks to Bluetooth technology. I call my smart watch my guardian toy.

We, at StyleAsia are the wholesaler, distributor of this piece of modern technology. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience. It shall be an absolute honor if we can partner with you as you adopt this smart technology to communicate, monitor,regulate and enjoy good health.