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Team StyleAsia

I have very fond memories of my grandmother and many a summer spent in her company. She was a lady of few words but many virtues. It was she who always said to me BE SOMEBODY, WHO MAKES EVERYBODY FEEL LIKE A SOMEBODY.A simple piece of advice I follow religiously and that has helped me both in my personal relationships and my professional career.

I work in the field of education, I am an assistant Montessori teacher and I aspire to continue in this field, making a difference in the lives of the tiny tots as they continue to march forward in their quest of an education. The present batch that I have the pleasure of teaching has children from varied social class and background. Everyday adds to my learning curve too. The children of this generation are out-spoken and very well-informed way beyond their years sometimes, that is due to exposure to the internet and the amazing variety of audio-visual aids available. All of which makes learning interesting and a lot of fun. Concepts are easy to understand and grasp.

Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or in the same way. Some children take a little bit longer or learn through different means. Art has proven to be an ideal instrument to address and deal with individuals with learning difficulties. In my short span as a teacher I came across two such children who seemed very subdued, never made eye contact when spoken too, spent their recess all by them selves and even in the playground were reluctant participants. They were happiest left alone, but that was something we would not allow. We had to include them in our learning routine and we chose art as the means to achieve that. Initially I met with a lot of reluctance and resistance, but cajoling and occasional treats gave me my first victory.  They enjoyed coloring and drawing stick figures and their drawings always included the school jungle gym and play place. Yes, medical tests relieved that they were borderline Autistic and would need help as they continued their educational journey.

First, we started with blank paper scribbles and then progressed to coloring large stencils. Every interaction with them during the art class was an enlightening experience. Opening the Hexagonal box brought a twinkle to their eyes and then the colors took over. I noticed that during this class they came into their own, the confidence and purpose with which they conducted themselves was amazing. The multi layered box became a means for self-expression and lead to a more confident personality. Colors speak louder than words.

We at StyleAsia carry a variety of art supplies from the Hexagonal, Multilayered set from Polaroid, the Polaroid 52 Piece Art Set and the 101 Piece Art set. Please do feel to contact us or visit our showroom. It will be an absolute privilege if we could partner you  as you imagine, create and color.