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As I sit down to write this piece, my head is in a pleasant place. Slowly but surely, I am beginning to witness and experience what I had yearned for, for the last fourteen years. Being a friend to my girls!I am a mother to two teenage daughters aged 14 and 16 years. They have reached an age where Mom plays the role of a friend and not a guardian.

We are a small close-knit family of four members My husband, the girls and myself. The shared responsibility of bringing them up as smart, confident, well-educated individuals was taken on equally by both of us. Though I must admit that playing the good cop bad cop game I landed up being the bad cop more often and dad was more often the cool one.

During their formative, growing up years we were rather rigid about following the laid down rules. We had restrictions on time spent on gadgets and media, sleep overs and visits to the grandparents every alternate weekend was compulsory, and no friends party or assignment submission could help them escape that. Every relation had to be nurtured and it was our solemn responsibility to ensure they spent quality time with their grandparents or else they would soon become strangers. It was a fast-paced world and keeping them connected and involved in each other’s life was entirely our responsibility

Last weekend was particularly fun as they spent it teaching grandma navigate her new phone. Grandma taking selfies and they adding the filters to create different looks was particularly entertaining. Another thing they enjoyed doing was doing her make up. There was some 10- year challenge on Facebook where pictures taken a decade apart had to be posted. I must admit grandma looked pretty and young then and even now. Her well-made up face seemed to have arrested her age, she definitely did not look a decade older. She looked WOW!We spent some entertaining hours reading the comments received.

They shaped her eyebrows, highlighted her cheekbones, finely contoured her eyes with eye-liner, filled in her lipstick and covered all the laughter lines and crows feet near her eyes using the SMART ESSENTIALS 24PC MAKE UP BRUSH SET. I must admit I found it difficult to hide my amazement as they deftly went about using the different brushes. I for one till that very moment was uninitiated to their use.

Soon I was in the exhibits chair and had both of them breathing down my face as they went about sprucing me up too. Once again, the tool used was the SMART ESSENTIALS 24PC MAKE UP BRUSH SET. So complete is the set that the two of them worked side by side independently, without having to wait while the other finished applying the make up or highlighting an area. It felt nice to sit there uninhibited, allowing them to use my face as a medium of their expression. It felt nice that they had chosen grandma and me to experiment with a new look, practice their skills on and not someone else.

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