6 in 1 auto tool wholesale

Escapology – is the practice of escaping from restraints and other traps. Escapologists [escape artists] escape from handcuffs, cages, boxes, fish tanks. We ordinary mortals do not possess this skill, all we have at our disposal is our bare hands and a shout at the top of our voice.
The thought of being unable to move out from an enclosed space is nauseating and sickening. To never be exposed to such a feeling we must always have in our possession this self-assuring tool. In this time when many seek ME TIME and often take off alone for long car drives or camp in solitude in the wilderness. A situation may arise where communicating with the outside world becomes a question of survival. Having a multi-functional tool which serves as a power bank, flashlight as well as a hammer to break glass and a strong cutter of nylon is extremely reassuring.
A major cause of death in road accidents continues to be panic, no plan of escape or no handy tool to facilitate escape. Occasionally cars are known to drive off quays or into rivers when the parking brakes are not applied correctly. What a horrific situation! Having a tool that helps you cut through the confining seat belt as well break the window gives you a fighting chance to escape the fast sinking vehicle.
As with all emergencies you need to take prompt, controlled and calculated action to come out unscathed from enclosed spaces that you may be confined in.
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