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The entire household was up nice and early, all eagerly awaiting to welcome the newest member into our family. She entered our home and our hearts and has since then being the unanimous choice for the most loved and spoilt member of our family. She is VIVA our Lhasa pup all of 5 months old. A bundle of energy she has us all wrapped around her tiny paw. Experiencing her unconditional love, devotion and loyalty often brings a lump in my throat as I wonder what the creator was thinking when he created this loving species.

I pride myself on training VIVA in the matters of answering calls of nature, however, I have failed miserably in keeping her off my bed and the living room sofa. Where ever she sees us seated having a conversation or watching television she promptly hops on, making her self comfortable between us. An occasional bark being her contribution to the conversation and inadvertently reminding us of her presence. Though I thoroughly enjoy having her beside me, petting and cuddling her, the fur she sheds is another matter altogether. Just, last evening our neighbors came over and I went into a frenzy, dusting and trying to pull of the hair that she had shed. There was not one seat that was free from her fur. Not to be caught off-guard again I decided to be proactive and researched on the simplest, cheapest and the best method of getting the canine confetti off my upholstery.

Shedding being a natural process that will run its course, there is no escaping it. To remove all that fur that invariable remains behind as she moves around the house I invested in a Lint remover. The Smart Essentials Lint Remover. Originally bought to remove the lint from my husbands prized dinner jacket, and subsequently on most of the laundered clothes, drapes and cushions, I reckoned I could use the same technology to gather up all the fine hair that VIVA sheds in heaps. The Smart Essentials Lint Remover is a mechanized hand-held device with a comfortable handle grip and a cleaning brush too. A few circular motions is all that is necessary to clear all the fuzz balls, fur and dust leaving your bed cover, upholstery, drapes and cushions looking fresh and new. Welcome guests confidently into your home! We invested in a new one just for VIVA, we have kept it handy and often use it to pick up after her.

We, at Style Asia are the manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor of the Smart Essentials Lint removerSmart Essentials a brand that promotes grooming. Do not settle for anything but the very best as you seek to groom yourself, your clothes and even your upholstery. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience. We shall be extremely honored if we can partner with you as you seek to clear up after our canine friends, remove the lint from your favorite jacket or simply run them over your cushions bringing back the fresh, brand new look. The Smart Essentials Lint Remover is truly a wonderful and practical tool that will serve you promptly and easily to keep your surroundings and your personal attire free of lint and dust.