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Team StyleAsia

This morning I prepared a guest list for our thanksgiving dinner. I jotted down the regular invitees which included my parents, my brother and his family, few cousins who lived in the same town and were regulars every year and then added to the list my first-time Thanksgiving dinner guests, our new neighbors. They had moved into the neighborhood a little over six months ago and we had developed a friendship based on our common love of barbecuing. The past summer they saw us in our back-yard grilling and barbecuing almost every weekend and soon we developed what we called our fabulous and flavorful friendship.

I am not apprehensive about hosting the family, cousins and new neighbor for the Thanksgiving dinner. We have done it in the past several times and every year it seems easier to organize. Experience over the years have taught me that being organized well in advance with regards to having handy all the groceries and other ingredients on the menu, seating arrangements of the guests and the crockery and cutlery to be used goes a long way ensuring the success of your party. A relaxed and well-prepared host is what it takes to make all feel warmly welcome and set the tone for a wonderful celebration.

This Thanksgiving, the honor of carving the turkey shall go to our first time Thanksgiving guests, our new neighbors and for that I shall use the LE REGALO FORK AND KNIFE CARVING SET.A set that has stood the test, time and again, slicing the roasts or the hams with ease and expertise. Every use made me admire and appreciate the set even more.The importance of having and using the correct tool can never be over emphasized. This beautiful set includes a fork and a knife that has been created from premium quality stainless steel. Its outstanding craftsmanship ensures lasting sharpness and so you have guaranteed thin and precise carvings. The tool feels just like an extension of your hand leaving you in full control as you carve out the delicious turkey. Ergonomically designed, triple rivet handles make it a sturdy and strong tool. LE REGALO FORK AND KNIFE CARVING SET is surely one of my favorite pieces of cutlery that will occupy a position of pride beside the turkey on Thanksgiving Day.

We, at StyleAsia are the manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor of this premium quality carving tool from brand LE REGALO. A brand that has a collection of gifts that will be received with eagerness and shared with joy. Made from the choicest of materials these beautiful creations make a statement with every serving. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience, we shall be highly privileged if we can partner with you as you use, gift and celebrate. We truly believe that the best investment is always in the best tools of the trade. Invest in or gift away this holiday season products from brand LE REGALO. We promise each aesthetically and practically designed product will occupy a place of pride.