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Team StyleAsia

I am all of 65 years old, being born almost in the middle of the last century. I must admit my grandchildren do look at me as though I am a relic and say the funniest of things as they see me grappling and struggling with the different gadgets and technology that they seem to be constantly surrounded with. I am amazed at the easy with which they handle their phones, their music and pretty much everything else.

Change is the only constant is a phrase I have often heard and used. Yesterday, I found my wedding album, a huge bound book full of black and white pictures, memories of an era gone by. Our hairstyles, dresses and pant length and moustaches had my grandchildren rolling on the floor in laughter, they refusing to believe the couple getting married were their granddad and I. Our last year anniversary celebrations too have pictures, beautiful memories of a wonderful celebration in the company of our close friends, family and made extra special with the presence of our grandchildren. The only difference is that these pictures are somewhere in a cloud! Stored for posterity and available for viewing at the flick of a button. Shared with friends and family, viewed by all, all with the tap of a button.

Electronics and telecommunications has grown at a jaw dropping pace, leaving people of my generation reeling with amazement and sometimes nervousness. Everything looks like magic and the uninitiated do get intimated with the numerous applications that a small hand-held gadget fulfills. I am all for change and enjoy exploring the electronic world. I appreciate all that makes me complete my work with maximum efficiency in the least possible time. It is with that in mind that I indulged myself and gifted myself and my other half this very trendy Blue tooth enabled smart watch. I cannot begin to express how happy we are with this purchase. A gadget on our wrist make us feel in absolute control. I no longer must set an alarm by my bedside, I need not rush to find my phone whenever it rings, I can receive my calls and read my messages with that very gadget. It reminds me If I have been sitting too long with its sedentary reminder and what more I can see all those wonderful memorable photographs right there on my wrist. All of this from this extremely smart and trendy watch! With so many features and applications it has made an alarm clock, calculator, music player and photograph album redundant. It is truly a SMART WATCH.

We, at Style Asia are the manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor of the Bluetooth Smart Watch. A great innovation, when synced with your Android smart phone fulfills multiple functions. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience. We shall be highly privileged if we can partner with you as you to enjoy and take advantage of all the benefits of this amazing piece of technology. Embrace the change and remain comfortable and connected always.