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Team StyleAsia

I am a fresh graduate, a little over a year into my first job. There were horror stories that I had heard about the corporate world, the cut throat corporate culture and the one up-man-ship game. However, my experience has been entirely different. All due to a particular gentleman who I called boss. My past year has been memorable, besides all the theoretical knowledge that the degree gave me, I can vouch that I learnt best and most on the job. The guidance, encouragement, inspiration that he gave and the patience with which he listened and answered my fresher queries truly made him a dream boss.

My boss is now leaving, moving on to greener pastures with his well-deserved promotion. The sincerity to his work and the conviction he placed in his hand-picked team will be sorely missed. Each of us grew in confidence solely because of his faith in us and his reassuring stance that he had us covered.

As is the norm in our company the last Friday of the month is the designated party day, be it a birthday, an introduction or as in his case a farewell. The last Friday of July we as his junior team are hosting a farewell for him. Organizing a party does not seem so daunting as preparing a farewell speech! And choosing a farewell gift! The onus of choosing the gift and preparing a speech fell on my shoulders. I was at an absolute loss as I sat to pen my thoughts on my association with him, it was difficult to say goodbye to a good person, a great leader and an exceptional boss.

Choosing an appropriate gift was a challenging exercise too. Keeping in mind his stature, taste and interests the gift had to be appropriate, classy and practical. After a great deal of searches, suggestions and samples we unanimously agreed to present to him the LE REGALO 5PC DECANTER SET. A set of 4 whiskey glasses and a decanter. Intricately cut, the glass looked supremely stylish, I envisaged my boss enjoying his evening drink in one of those glasses! A decanter that would hold a place of pride on his bar, filled with 1000 ml of his favorite spirit. Yes, we had chosen an appropriate farewell gift for our beloved mentor.

We, at Style Asia are the wholesaler, distributor of gift articles under the brand Le Regalo. Le Regalo presents articles in the kitchenware, bakeware, stoneware and glassware category. Each one of its designer wares aspires to be the owner’s pride. These gift articles will serve well as corporate gifts, promotional gifts and as premium incentives too. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience. We shall be highly honored if we can partner with you as you to choose to share gifts that are practical, inexpensive, aesthetically and beautifully designed.