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Team StyleAsia

It all began 33 years ago, a goodwill invite transformed the lives of three families. We were the oldest in the neighborhood, my parents invited two couples over for tea, coincidently they had moved into our neighborhood within a week of each other. Having children close in age made it all easier. The uncertain smiles were soon replaced with exchanging notes on parenting. Before we knew it, a strong bond was formed between three families and two generations.

Instrumental in creating that bond was a common love for grilling. Before long we graduated into weekend gatherings in the park, chilling and grilling. We called it our C&G parties. Sprawled out on the luscious lawns with our picnic baskets and grilling appliances, many weekends were spent under the sun. While the parents grilled the most amazing dishes and created scrumptious meals we children chilled, having loads of fun with all things non-sensical. Almost anything made us go into ripples of laughter, those were the days of unabashed joy and contentment. Besides grilling our parents went all the way and indulged us with chilled drinks, which they cooled in a compact cooler set.  Nothing has changed to date, except we are now accompanied by our children, our parents preferring to now relax in their drawing rooms and not on the grass. Though occasionally they do accompany us and then most of the time is spent reminiscing about the good old days.

As our friendships grow stronger so does the love for BBQ and Grilling. Now there is no exception, if we are in town over the weekend then without fail we gather in each other’s backyard or the original place, the park. We have our convenient deluxe grilling table, that we set up in a jiffy. All the ingredients are placed on it giving it the most colorful and appetizing appearance. This table is strong as it carries almost 30llbs of weight. No more scattering of ingredients and appliances as there are hooks attached to hang our tools. As kids I remember there were numerous instances of a stray frisbee or ball knocking over the sauce on our picnic mat leading to abuses and exclamations galore. The compact practical cooler takes care of our drinks cooling requirement. A combination of practicality and convenience, the table and the cooler set serves all our BBQ and Tailgating needs. It has indeed taken our BBQ experiences of Chill and Grill to the next level.

We at StyleAsia are the manufacturer/wholesaler/ distributor of this very practical and efficient BBQ table and cooler set. Please feel free to connect with us or visit our showroom. We shall be absolutely honored to partner with you as you and your family and friends spend enriching time with one another building memories and completing the circle called life. Three cheers!!! To an awesome chill and grill experience.