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Team StyleAsia

I teach fifth graders and I thoroughly enjoy my job. Being in the company of these 11-year-olds keeps me alive, informed and thoroughly entertained. No day can be called uneventful, because invariably some incident occurs that has us all in a state of panic or rolling with laughter! The batch is truly an incorrigible lot. Warm, endearing and smart kids.

However, I am often engulfed with a feeling that a few parents are hell bent on turning their kids into zombies. Zombies who only show reaction to a gadget and not to a human. They are forgetting how to interact with speech, expression and emotions. Gadgets are taking on the role of the babysitter! The logic that the parents put forward is that the kids are constructively occupied, out of mischief and so are safe. The working parent’s dilemma of how to occupy children during holidays while they are at work is often put to rest by the introduction of some gadget. Little realizing that the internet is probably the most unsafe place for children. It is a known fact that the sedentary lifestyle, hours of exposure to piecing lights and images causes irreparable damage to health too. I often have parents proudly share with me how good their kid is at using the latest technology.Smiling I caution them that technology may be a great tool for improving life but must not become our life. My advice is always the same, interact with the children verbally, physically, emotionally. That is what will make them into open, confident and uncomplicated individuals.

I am a working mother too. I don the dual hat of teacher and mother and put into practice the advice I give my class parents. This summer was no different, not wanting to hear the words” I’m Bored” repeatedly I made sure there was plenty for my child to do. So, weekends she had a choice of either helping me clear the lawn of weeds or help me prepare her favorite dish. Weekdays were spent with visits to the park, a visit to the zoo and marathon puzzle solving sessions. We progressed from a 25pc puzzle to a 100 pc one. A birthday gift, an 86 pc Art Set, received just before the vacation began proved to be her constant loyal companion. A set so complete with water colors, color pencils, crayons and markers too. What more could the hidden artist in her ask for? All beautifully placed in a smart wooden box.

These activities have helped me bond with my kid. I am now more aware of her preferences and the afternoon spent solving puzzles has made me realize the patience and perseverance that little girl has. Her understanding of color, shades and combinations has me amazed.

We, at Style Asia are the manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor of this wonderful box of color THE 86 PC ART SET. Ideal for amateur and artist alike, this set serves as a great introduction to the world of color. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience. It shall be an absolute honor if we can partner with you as you too along with your loved ones enjoy, relax, bond with one another in its beautiful hues.