Dinner and Dance

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Team StyleAsia

As I step forward to discard the much scribbled on calendar. I smile and unconsciously give myself a little pat on my back. I have just got off the scale and I am happy to share that I am 40 pounds lighter than I was on the same date last year. 9TH Jan 2018 saw the scale tip at 175 pounds and today 9TH Jan 2019 I stand slim, svelte and super satisfied with what I see in the mirror.

Last year’s New Year’s resolution was “Lose it forever” It was meant for the almost 45 pounds I had gathered due to my extra sweet tooth, lack of discipline and an unfortunate accident that saw me hobbling around in a very inconvenient cast for almost 6 weeks. I must admit I started, tried and failed. Started tried and failed again. No diet, no plan and no routine seemed to help. The bulge did not budge!

It was on a chance spotting of a huge advertisement which read “Back to The Basics” that got me thinking. I knew I was very unhappy with the way I looked, the way I felt and the lack of enthusiasm in everything, was just not me. I knew I had to mend my ways and mend them in the most organic way to have a lasting impression. I knew it had to be gradual and sustainable, drastic measures had never worked for me.

I turned to my two loves for help. Dance and food. Dance has been my go-to activity ever since I was a child. Food is a professional companion as I am training to be a chef. It was this combination of Dance and Food that helped me achieve what I had set out to, that is lose all of 40 pounds.

Having read and researched the various types of diet regimens that people followed and the amazing results that they had achieved had me think that it was easy and very doable, but I was in for a reality check. What worked for many did not necessarily work for me.  I needed to eat and needed to eat regularly and all kinds of food. The protein, the carbohydrates and the fat I wanted some of all.

An hour of Zumba, three days a week kept up the exercise flag flying high and for the food I consciously ate only roast and grilled food. Meat or vegetables did not matter I had the liberty of roasting or sautéing them without any oil or fats in the JIM BEAM 3 PIECE CAST IRON SKILLETS. The various sizes allowed cooking of a single piece or a large portion at any given time. With no or very less oil I remember each meal to be tasty, wholesome and satisfying. Never did I get up from the table yearning that little extra. I knew I had not compromised in any way; food quantity and desired nutrition were satisfactorily addressed.

Yes, the journey has not been easy, but it has been extremely satisfying. I have now realized that the body achieves what the mind believes. I knew the combination of dance and food would be my magic potion! With almost a year of continuous use of the JIM BEAM 3 PIECE CAST IRON SKILLETS they stand as good as new. The heavy-duty construction, superior heat retention guarantees a life time of service. I am at a healthy number on the scale, active and agile and for once I have successfully fulfilled a New year’s resolution!

We, at StyleAsia are the manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor of the entire range of Barbecue and Grilling accessories from brand JIM BEAM. A brand that is a unique blend of aesthetics and utility, with high standards of quality and workmanship each and everyone of the products occupies a place of pride in the kitchen and at the table. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience, we shall be honored if we can partner with you as you too choose a traditional, convenient and healthy way of life.