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For the longest time I did not know what the abbreviation DIY meant. Now it has become the philosophy I live by! DO IT YOURSELF. There was I time I was dependent on the services of carpenters, plumbers and other utility workers to get the odd repairs done around my home. Not only was it inconvenient to wait around till they arrived but also shockingly expensive. Very often after they had left I would think to myself ‘that’s it, it looks so simple I could have easily fixed this myself”

It was solely by chance that I was introduced to DIY tools. We were expecting guests and the handle of the guest room door had come loose. It was not a regular kind of screw but an itsy bitsy one that needed a precision screwdriver with a 2mm head. Ooops! Where was I to get that? No nail file or knife would do the job, I would have to leave the door handle dangling at an odd angle. I must confess that it bothered me no end, I hated anything broken around the house. Hearing me mention the awkwardly dangling door handle twice in a span of ten minutes my teenage son commented that I must invest in a DIY set and not be so dependent on the others, especially if I got so adversely affected by these minor issues. Trust that generation to give alternate, unwanted advice instead of being of some concrete help!

I must admit hearing those words from a fifteen-year-old made me take up that challenge. It was now a mission to prove how independent I was and not so much to fix that dangling handle. The very next day I set out to buy my very own DIY tool set. For many shopping is therapy and I am no exception but that day I realized shopping for hardware can be exciting too. Armed with a complete collection, inclusive of pliers, hammer, screw drivers of various dimensions [including 2mm that was my requirement] I returned home with a renewed zest, I was on the threshold of proving to the family that I too could fix things. Dependent NEVER!

The conversation at the dinner table oscillated from what all needed to be fixed and tightened around the house and the impending arrival of our guests. Tongue in cheek I announced that I was willing to fix all, but it would cost them a packet.

I have never felt more in control of my household budget. Money spent on repairs is now negligible. I can barely recall when I last called a carpenter home to fix a creaking piece of furniture. As we approach the gifting season I have decided that these DIY tool sets are going to be part of the stocking stuffers. I am convinced they will be well appreciated in my group of family and friends as DIY culture satisfies both creative and cost saving activities.

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