Excellent ideas for decorations with tea lights to avoid candle fire accidents !

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Some of the most dangerous things are weightless-fire, love, regret.

-Jonathan Carroll

This very intense quote by Jonathan Carroll is the crux of my thoughts today. More about fire and regret and a grandmother’s unconditional love.  My granddaughter all of six returned from the trip to the fire station all sad and cranky, very unlike her usual chirpy and buoyant self. On gentle prodding, she informed us that during the visit to the fire station the children were informed about fire hazardous materials, causes of fire at home and in the kitchen and a whole lot of useful information that every child must know. Her parents and I could not yet understand what had affected and disturbed her about the trip, as whatever she told us seemed very relevant and important information for a six-year-old. It was only when I was tucking her into her bed that night that she held me tightly and said she was feeling sad as she this year she would not be able to decorate the house with candles during the festive season lest the curtains caught fire. It was then I realized the reason of her crankiness, she genuinely enjoyed decorating the house during the festival season and often helped her mother placing the candles and lights and now the visit to the fire station had got her thinking, apprehensive and scared.

I would never allow the apple of my eye to sleep disturbed and scared. I got down to doing what I do best, SPRING SUPRISES!! I went about that very moment placing the tealights that we had bought a few days ago intending to use them during the festivities. We had bought the LED tea lights in bulk and I went about placing them strategically, near curtains on the window sill, on an antique wooden table and on all the places where wax candles should ideally not be placed. WOW!!! The gently flickering flames created a truly mesmerizing effect. I was as excited as a six-year old as I did the unheard thing of waking my granddaughter and carrying her around the beautifully lit house. Our dog Teddy too went wild, probably thinking he too was invited to the late party.

Her reaction on seeing the house lit, her sparkling eyes and squeals of joy as I showed her how safe and easy to use the LED tea light candles were, was reward enough for all the effort that went into decorating the place. I assured her that we shall most certainly have lighting, SAFE LIGHTING, BEAUTIFUL LIGHTING all through the festive season. We sat down and discussed how the fireman was correct in informing the children about all the hazards of fire, and the caution to be practiced. But thanks to battery operated Led tea light candles we too would not compromise on our decorations.

Dear All, please do heed this simple advice, these Led tea light candles are ideal for day to day use, all through the festive season. With no flames, smoke or allergy fears they are safe for children and pets alike. They allow you to amply express your creativity and add a sophisticated charm to your décor. Keep things simple and safe with the use of Led Tea lights.

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