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I.T was always meant to be INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY but we are solely responsible of having mindlessly transformed it into IRRESPONSIBLE TECHNOLOGY. ALBERT EINSTEIN had rightly envisaged when he said.” I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots”

We have created a generation of digital gaming addicts whose idea of fun is interacting with a screen, who have lost all their social skills, are strangers to their siblings and have evolved into emotionless robots.

This was my observation on interacting with my grandchildren over the weekend. I had offered to look after them while the parents were fulfilling their work commitments. I was so looking forward to spending some fun time with them, taking them to the park, playing indoor games, sharing a tub of ice cream, pouring over photo albums and recounting the incidents associated with them but I did not manage to do anything of that sort, to be honest I wasn’t permitted to.  A suggestion to let us play Monopoly was met with an incredulous expression which clearly said Our Grandmother is Cuckoo! The level of resistance that I faced truly shocked me. I realized that the addiction to gadgets and virtual gaming was total and complete. Apple and Blackberry were fruits for my generation however It was something entirely different now.

What I experienced scared me, I was worried about the lack of communication between the siblings, they seemed to be strangers. I decided to take the matter squarely into my hands and get them to disconnect from technology and the following weekend with loads of cajoling, some amount of threatening I managed to get them away from their gadgets and introduced them to the collection of board games that I had specially bought to entertain them. It was a matter of time I could see the competition creeping into their moves all the ooohs and aahs were accompanied with high fives. Better late than never. Getting along, spending time with each other wasn’t so difficult at all.  What a change! Yes, I had managed to create a beautiful memory for both them and me. I had conveyed to them that technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master. Use but don’t abuse!

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