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I am in the midst of organizing a birthday party for my twins. Born in the middle of summer their birthday celebration was usually clubbed along with the many barbecue gatherings our family organized. But this year it was slightly different. As they are growing up and learning to assert themselves, the demand was for a color theme-based party. They had insisted on a color theme of black and white! So, the decorations included black and white balloons and black and white streamers, there was matching table ware, the furniture too was color coordinated with a white table and black chairs. They had color coordinated outfits too. My son came dressed as Batman [in black] and my daughter, dressed as a flower girl in white.

Though ideally, I would have loved to coordinate the menu, but I found it very difficult to set one that consisted of only black and white items. But to indulge them a little I had ordered a Black forest cake that adequately took care of the Black and White requirement. My husband is a grilling and BBQ enthusiast. He effortlessly creates the most amazing steaks and burgers. It was he who suggested a hot and cold, black and white dessert of the Sizzling brownie and vanilla ice cream. That was an idea that met with instant approval. A grilled black and white dessert! We were taking the adaptation of black and white to an entirely new level.

The Sizzling Brownie and Vanilla Ice-cream suggestion is what made me buy the JIM BEAM CAST IRON SKILLET WITH WOODEN PLATE AND HANDLE COVER. An amazing combination! I heated the brownie base just till it burnt a little, I placed a scoop of vanilla ice cream beside it and poured some hot chocolate sauce over it. It was a great hit with all the children and the adults too. Simple to create, prepare and serve with style, straight from grill to table. The wooden plate along with the handle cover ensured an accident free transfer from grill to table. As I used the JIM BEAM CAST IRON SKILLET WITH WOODEN PLATE AND HANDLE COVER I imagined the innovative ways that I could use it to present all the vegetables that the children hated to eat. Rice and vegetables on the sizzling hot plate served with their favorite sauce was a sure shot way of getting them to eat.

We, at Style Asia are the manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor of the entire range of JIM BEAM Barbecue tools and accessories. Made from premium quality cast-iron each and every one of them conform to the JIM BEAM characteristic of quality, aesthetics and utility. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience. We shall be truly honored if we can partner with you in your quest to enjoy the summer in the company of friends and family doing what you love most, Barbecuing!