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We have recently returned from our family trip overseas. My husband and I along with our teenage twin daughters visited Switzerland this summer for the very first time. A country known for its pristine surroundings, serene lakes, quaint villages, chalets and castles, chocolates and cheeses. I am convinced that no image or travel video that we saw while planning the trip did justice to its beauty and no adjective adequately described the taste buds’ pleasure as we savored the first bite of the local cheese.

All of us being absolute foodies, the local cuisine was a huge attraction. Some part of the day was spent researching and locating the local delicacies. Cheese and chocolates the biggest food groups that Switzerland offers always topped the list. We savored and feasted on the delectable chocolates and cheeses directly from the local dairies, every evening getting into a heated debate as to which one tasted the best. Their flavors and aromas so distinct and diverse.

Returning home, choosing gifts for friends and family was an absolute no brainer! It had to be cheese and chocolate. It was a suggestion from one of the twins that got us thinking. She said let’s not gift them a slab of chocolate, lets invite all over for a FLAVORFUL FONDUE PARTY. WOW! That was an excellent suggestion, we would not only be sharing the local cheese but also making it a celebration. After all fondue makes a great social meal! All of us sitting around the simmering fondue pot, dipping the veggies and the bread.

It was time to bring out my LE REGALO 11PC FONDUE SET. An 11-pc ceramic set that prepares fondue in the most authentic manner over an open flame in a ceramic bowl. The even distribution of the heat causing the contents to melt evenly and cook perfectly.Pampering myself I bought another set to indulge my guests with chocolate fondue too. It would be perfect as we could now treat our dear ones to an amazing gastronomical experience of cheese and chocolate fondue. A set so practically and artistically designed, could be carried and used outdoors too. Looking forward to the weekend as I set out grocery shopping for the vegetables, fruits and bread. All of us super excited to share our once in a life-time experience with our dear friends and extended family. I know the pictures on our phones do not do justice to the Switzerland’s natural beauty but I shall definitely re-create the authentic fondue experience using the original cheese with my LE REGALO 11PC FONDUE SET.

We, at Style Asia are the manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler of this stylish fondue serving set under brand Le Regalo. A brand that epitomizes style, quality and substance. Artistically designed and meticulously manufactured every piece manufactured under brand LE REGALO promises to be the owners’ pride. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience. We shall be absolutely honored if we can partner with you as you set out to have fun with family and friends and make cheesy and chocolaty memories along the way.