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A day into the Thanksgiving week and the excitement is palpable. Everyone, whether at work or in school is impatiently looking forward to winding up matters on hand and joining in the celebrations with family and friends. There is something about this season that revives in you, the faith in humanity. Problems that seemed unsurmountable seem easily solvable, nothing seems unattainable and impossible. It’s the spirit of that season that creates this magic of positivity and hope.

Thanksgiving gatherings with family and friends is a tradition followed in most households and ours is no exception. We gather at what we call the headquarters, that is the house where we all grew up, our parents’ home. My sister and myself converge a day before, husbands and kids in tow, my brother arrives on Thanksgiving Day as he lives a distance away.

My Father often says Thanksgiving is an occasion for everyone to add memories to God’s collection of blessings, that he has bestowed upon us. Though we do not have any particular tradition that we follow, we list out all the positives that have occurred in our lives and include all, in rejoicing it. Since we all do not meet regularly there are numerous instances that we have not shared with each other, Thanksgiving is that occasion that makes us open our hearts and relate to one another. I was never overtly fond on my sister-in-law, but an instance that occurred on Thanksgiving two years ago has now entwined us in an unbreakable bond. I always have a special prayer for her, my special friend.

We are three siblings but between us my parents are blessed with seven grandchildren. To make it a memorable and exciting occasion we play many games involving the children. One thing that must be maintained is that it must be related to Thanksgiving.

My mother is a great party organizer, especially if it involves her grandchildren she comes into her element. I remember last year she had us all sit around the coffee table and in turn we had to shout out a word that came to the mind when she said Thanksgiving and the words could not be repeated! Wow, the list was amazing. From food, family, fun, friends, happiness, holidays, hugs, blessings, bake, celebrations, traditions, grandparents, feast, turkey, vegetables, games, November the list just grew. We played this for almost an hour. I was the first to be disqualified as I repeated a word. The kids were super charged, it was a fun evening for them. All of us are looking forward to what mom has planned this year.

The importance of maintaining traditions cannot be over emphasized. We live in a technology driven world where communication is controlled by the screen in front of you and not the person. It is by maintaining these traditions that we can show the next generation what is means to belong to a family, surrounded by friends, allow them to experience the sound of genuine ripples of laughter and comradery. I for one can’t wait for 23rd of November. Season’s Greetings to All.

For all the blessings of the year,
For all the friends we hold so dear,
For peace on earth, both far and near,
We thank Thee, Lord.