For it is in giving that we receive

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Buy one get one free”, was the sign that stared down at me. I was 10 when I insisted that my mother buy the multiple pack of apple juice, one for me and one for my sister. I could not fathom how we were getting a carton of juice absolutely free! We were not to be charged a cent extra! Not wanting to witness a tantrum in the middle of the supermarket aisle, she bought that pack and inadvertently created a loyal customer in me. I continued to buy that very same brand of juice even after the offer was discontinued. HURRAY!  For brand loyalty.

At the very onset let me reiterate that I am not a marketing guy, but an entrepreneur looking to grow his business in this highly competitive marketplace. After trying various strategies for promoting my business using print and visual media all of which turned out to be extremely expensive .I concluded that something concrete in the hands of the customer would work best. He will always remember me and my company just like I still remember the pack of juice. Human nature of accepting something given free and remembering where and when you received it was to be focused upon.  I am a great advocate of promotional marketing. It has immensely helped me in building my business and retaining memorability and goodwill with my customers. Not only have I grown the business, but have succeeded in creating a brand too.  PROMOTIONAL GIFTS served me best.

Another reason that I chose business promotional products over any other form of advertising is that good quality products enjoy a higher level of acceptance and printing the logos on such product has helped showcase and expose my brand to a greater section of society. Often on receiving a promotional item the name of the company is passed on, increasing the exposure of the company with absolutely no effort on our part.

We have at times used our promotional gift items as corporate gifts too, especially during the festive season. What better way to wish our dear patrons HAPPY HOLIDAYS than with battery operated LED CANDLES. We can also contribute towards fulfillment of our social responsibility by gifting solar powered lanterns to staff and patrons alike.

Available at Style Asia a variety of Promotional gifts and Licensed Promotional Products for businesses ,corporates ,casinos, online retailers and independent stores.. Please do visit our showroom or contact us at your convenience and give us an opportunity to help you grow your brand and business.