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Team StyleAsia

I have spent the better part of the last month conceptualizing, discussing, agreeing, disagreeing and agreeing again, organizing, scheduling and rescheduling itineraries for arrival and departure for my guests. With only the weekend to fine tune all the arrangements I am excited yet nervous I have been muttering to myself and simultaneously repeating things aloud. My son does not fail to ask me at least four times a day as to Why am I walking around with a smile stuck on my face. Basically, I am all over the place, but I want the 4th of July to happen now! I am super excited!

It all started with a friend request on Facebook from a distant cousin. Having connected with her after almost a decade made me nostalgic. It brought back memories of countless summers spent in the company of cousins playing in the neighborhood park, our parents barbecuing enjoying each other’s company and having a relaxing time. Those were the days where we truly carefree and happy-go-lucky. Social media and the internet has made connecting and keeping in touch a breeze. I went about connecting with all those cousins I had lost touch with over years and added them to a family WhatsApp group. I called it FREEDOM, FAMILY, FOOD AND FUN.

I decided I would organize a family reunion for the 4th of July. I knew it would require my best organizational skills, but I was adamant. I wanted to create the same memories for my children, they did not know that side of the family. I wanted them to experience for themselves what having fun with a large family meant. I knew a single visit would not create the same for them what I had, but I felt it would be a start.

Now, as the weekend approaches I am super nervous and super excited. I shall be meeting two of the spouses for the first time. I have managed to bring on board six of my cousins with their families, sadly two will not be able to make it. But smart phones and their cameras will ensure they be part of the fun.

Menu fixed, groceries, meat, sauces bought, entertainment planned. Everything seems to be in control as I go over my check list for the umpteenth time. Now I am only left to bring out my Barbecue Tools. I am the proud owner of the entire collection of JIM BEAM Barbecue grilling and tailgating tools. Super satisfied with my first purchase I have conscientiously and systematically added to my collection of the tools and appliances. Jim Beam has a complete and comprehensive collection of barbecue tools. Professional quality construction from superior quality material makes everyone of them a super satisfactory buy. Skillets of various sizes, Meat press, grill toppers, thermometers for poultry and steak I have them all. My latest addition to the collection being The Jim Beam Salt and Pepper Shaker. A smart tool to keep your hands safe from heat and fire at the same time allowing a controlled sprinkling of salt and pepper.

We, at Style Asia are the manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor of Barbecue and tailgating products from the International brand JIM BEAM. A Brand synonymous with class and taste it is a compelling companion for the avid BBQ enthusiast. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience. We shall be highly honored if we can partner with you as you step out to enjoy Freedom, Family, Food and Fun. Greetings for the 4th of July!