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Team StyleAsia

Our family moved into town 18 years ago. My triplet sons were all of 4 years then. Life revolved around home, play-school and the super market. Providence played his hand and we chanced upon my husband’s college friend on one of those grocery shopping trips. That was almost 17 years ago. Our extended family has only grown and now consists of 36 adults and 14 teenagers. Our friends forever family for the past many years. Our life-line and support system.

We consider ourselves truly blessed. Never missing our blood families in trying times of ill health and even death of a parent. Our friends forever family took over. Be it watching over the kids while one rested and recuperated from an exceptionally high viral fever or the emotional support generously extended in the disturbing times of the sudden death of a parent.

This year is extra special, two of the buddies in the friends forever gang as we call ourselves, share a birthday and both will turn the golden 50. Friends forever was not going to let this pass without a celebration. A celebration it was and a grand one at that. Kuddos to the spouses of the guys turning 50. The generosity, warmth and thoughtfulness that they displayed touched all. The friends forever family was out to celebrate and celebrate they did in Style! The planning, organization and the logistics of an out of town special destination celebration was truly astounding. This three-day outstation trip was loaded with all the ingredients of a lip-smacking, hip- gyrating, foot thumping, fun-filled experience. I have never laughed so hard and cried tears of pure joy as I did on this trip.

One of the most memorable instances was the count-down to their birthday. The last two minutes before the clock struck 12 was spent keeping the champagne bottle ready and the shot glasses too. The minutely thought of details saw a beautiful arrangement of shot glasses from LE REGALO arranged strategically around a very naughty cake. As the clock struck 12 and the birthday song played, out poured the champagne and the shots disappeared down everyone’s throats as all cheered and celebrated the milestone of our dear ones. Those moments are etched in our hearts for posterity, a gang of friends thriving on laughter and the pure joy of being and celebrating together.

We at Style Asia are the manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor of the shot glasses from brand LE REGALO. A brand that epitomizes style, quality and substance. Artistically designed and meticulously manufactured every piece manufactured under brand LE REGALO promises to be the owners’ pride. The 6PC flask set includes 1 flask, 4 shot glasses, 1 pourer. Made from faux leather it serves as a perfect pour for your favorite spirit. Not a drop ever wasted. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience. It shall be an absolute honor if we can partner with you as you to celebrate milestones and create beautiful memories having fun with friends and family.