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Team StyleAsia

“God is in the details” is what I learnt in my very first semester at the institute where I studied interior design. The teacher did not stop emphasizing this and every assignment that we completed only strengthened this theory. Interior design is a multi-faceted subject. It is a science and an art. It is the creativity along with practicality that is used to successfully create an ambience that satisfactorily expresses the personality of the client, making his home an expression of himself.

Transforming a personal space, making it visually appealing, functional, beautiful and meaningful would ideally be the job requirement of an interior designer. My first job as an intern required me to assist our senior most designer as she redid the home of a doctor couple with two small children. It was on my very first assignment I learnt the importance of remaining faithful to your own taste [in this case, the clients] as nothing you like is ever out of style. They were a doctor couple, who led very busy lives. Interacting with them I understood them to be sophisticated yet simple, practical yet elaborate and very traditional. At the very outset they had clarified that they would like a traditional look to be maintained subtly. Whether in the living room or in the kitchen they wanted their space to have a very soft but at the same time carry a very distinguished and distinctive look. We successfully accentuated each room to their satisfaction.  Except for a few minor delays [which invariably are a part of our profession] we were set to deliver as per the work contract well within the scheduled period.

The project won my boss accolades. The creativity and the fluidity of her style stood out. The clients made special mention of the Fireplace Flameless LED Lantern.  Simple, safe, sophisticated, sensitive, soothing, soft, sustainable……. The list to describe the Fireplace Flameless LED lantern is endless. The requirement to create a soft subtle light with a traditional effect was respectably fulfilled. Its flameless operation rendered it safe, it could be placed at any height, in any corner. Its output of 36 lumens was sufficient to light up the darkness!

We, as interior designers routinely place before our client samples of various fittings to get their views and opinion for color and style. The Fireplace Flameless LED Lantern has always won on grounds of style and safety. Available in neutral colors of copper and silver, it effortlessly suits all types of décor and color schemes. Though provisions for a fireplace is often missing in our modern homes. The Fireplace Flameless LED Lantern helps create that magic!

We at Style Asia are the manufacturer/ wholesaler/distributor of this latest LED lantern from Northpoint. Northpoint, our brand stands for aesthetics, practicality and quality and this product reinforces these qualities to the fullest. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience. We shall be highly honored if we can partner with you as you to seek to make your home tell the story of who you are and create an ambience that reverberates style and sophistication.