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An annual visit to the general physician served as a jump start to an active me. A visit that served as an eye-opener. To be told in no uncertain terms that I was inviting upon myself a host of health problems due to my sedentary life-style, food habits and sleep schedule made me feel idiotic. Her last comment as I walked out of the clinic still rings in my ears, “Don’t be stupid and selfish, you owe it to your family! Your good health is their biggest asset.”

The last year saw a steady increase of almost 25 pounds in my body weight. I indulged and over indulged, kept telling myself that tomorrow was the day for the exercise routine to begin but my running shoes continued to gather dust. The reason was always stress and the release I found in food. The family asked, begged, pleaded with me to watch my weight and monitor my health closely. My colleagues at work subtly pointed out the weight gain. My lack of discipline and self-control was solely responsible for the difficulty I was facing walking up a single flight of steps or completing simple household chores. My scales tipped at almost 180lbs, for a person who is only 5ft 2inches I was obese.

Yes, realization finally dawned! I cannot and must not continue with my present lifestyle; the body must move. Be it to music, a run on the treadmill or up the stairs. I need to burn the calories and fat and I need to start right away. This holiday season I have decided to gift my family a healthy me. I have presented myself The Lectrique fitness tracker wristband that helps monitor sleep, heart rate and is a pedometer too. When synced with a smart phone it sends reminders and notifications, helping you to be on top of your workout and fitness game. The continued use of this device has made me more conscious of my physical activity. Checking meticulously if I have achieved the steps target for the hour or for how long I have been sedentary. Taking a flight of stairs to the next floor and consciously avoiding the elevator has made me active and agile.

A little over a month before we ring in the new year. I am motivated to lose some more weight before I decide on my outfit for our annual bash. I an extremely confident that with the support and guidance of my forever wrist companion The Lectrique fitness tracker I shall be able to achieve my target. Thank you Lectrique fitness tracker for the new me.

We, at StyleAsia are the manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor of this health monitor from brand Lectrique. A product that helps you get and remain fit. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at the earliest. We shall be highly honored if we can partner with you as you choose to continuously monitor your health and remain fit. We believe the greatest gift you can give your family is a healthy and happy you.