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Yes, its that time of the year where I have the sole attention and possession of my grandchildren. The twin girls are all of eight and my grandson is four. It has been a tradition for almost five years now, that after spending 24th eve with the family my son along with his wife takes off for their annual holiday, leaving the children in our care. It is that time of the year where I don’t mind the mess, noise and disruption in routine. In fact, I relish it and so does their grandfather.

I must admit, I quite look forward to having the kids all to myself. I have the liberty to indulge and pamper them or discipline and regulate them. There is no one to prompt me. If there is something as mothers’ instinct, there is also a very strong Grandmother’s instinct. I admit I do not spoil them, but I am very accommodating. Nine out of ten, May we? Is answered, with an indulgent hug and smile and a yes of course.

Grandkids keep grandparents young. Every waking moment of mine is spent mentally deciding what am I going to feed them? How are we going to entertain them? What can we do to make their stay with us more enjoyable? This holiday season I have bought a variety of table top games. I firmly believe that the best way to educate children is to spend quality time with them. These games serve my purpose in totality. We the not so young fellows will be seated, and the young ones will be competing and keeping everyone entertained. I am eagerly awaiting their reactions, I can almost hear their peals of laughter and excitement and the moans of disappointment on losing a game. So much drama to look forward to.

They will be spoilt for choice, I have put different games in each of their stockings. So, we have Tabletop Basketball, Bowling and Penalty Shootout. My choice for indoor tabletop games was a very calculated one. Though the children are of the age where they would have certainly enjoyed an electronic console game or some such gadget, but I come from that breed where in a family love is spelled TIME. I want to spend quality time playing with them, enjoying their reactions and building memories for a life time for all of us. I do not want them to grow up to become non-communicative, mono syllable mouthing youngsters who can only react in front of a screen. Grandma’s house must be the coolest, most fun place to be every holiday. It’s a place where they will want to visit every holiday because GRANDMA DOESN’T BABYSIT, GRANDMA HAS PLAYDATES.

We at StyleAsia carry a wide variety of Table Top Games under the brand DUNLOP. Each game creates the feel of sportsmanship and competition and at the same time entertains. Please feel free to contact us or visit our showroom. We will be absolutely honored to partner you as you seek to entertain, compete or indulge.