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The magic of December has truly and fully set in. This month is special to me, being my birth month and cause Santa visits. Santa’s visits without fail. As far as I can remember he has visited my home every year for the past twenty seven years enjoying his cookies and milk, leaving me a gift and now he is scheduled to visit my work place too.

We are a group of approximately fifteen people working under and for a self-motivated individual. A person who treats us as family and is more than willing to share his spoils with us, his extended family. One of our seniors was travelling and was to miss the annual party on the 24th Eve, so,on the boss’s suggestion, it was decided to reschedule the party so that we could have full attendance and every single member of the organization whether fresher or senior would participate and enjoy the festivities.

For me organizing a party is as much fun as attending it. This year we decided to play Secret Santa. It was unanimously decided that every member would buy one gift of under 20$. The gifts would be bought, brought to office, gift wrapped and placed under our beautifully decorated tree an evening in advance. The boss would randomly write the name of any employee on the tag which read “Just a little treat from your secret Santa”. This way no one knew who gave what and who got what. We took great pains to ensure the secrecy of what we were gifting, not discussing anything with anyone, not even where we were going to shop, least someone put two and two together and made twenty-two, guessing and giving away what we were going to buy! I must admit this part I found very difficult, for I was the biggest chatter-box in the office who loved to tell all what I had done the previous evening after work.

The day of the party dawned, all of us had taken special effort to dress for the occasion in the seasons colors of red, white and green. Every year, on this day the boss wore green, he was the only one to do so. He was the strength of the organization and represented the tree. The rest of us were in various shades of red and some in white. I don’t think we achieved much constructive work, all of us were waiting impatiently for the work hours to finish and our party to begin.

Never again will I question why children tear open the packaging on their presents. We, a room full of adults behaved in a manner equally loud and wild. Each ones expression as they opened their gift was a revelation. The ooh’s and the aah’s and the just what I wanted exclamations were plenty. Once the gifts were opened the commentary of who gave what and who received what commenced. It was probably the loudest and the funniest exchanges of the entire year.

Great minds think alike. Out of the 15 gifts exchanged 8 gifts were barbecue accessories from the JIM BEAM collection. A testimony of how well we knew each other, what we would enjoy using and what would be a quality exchange. Our gifts included the Aluminum grill toppers, a grilling apron, a branding iron with letters, a marinade box, a burger press and a meat tenderizer. Our gifts exchange had us all planning a barbecue gathering next! Any reason to party.

We, at StyleAsia are the manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor of the Cast Iron cookware and tools from brand JIM BEAM. A brand that defines standards in quality and craftsmanship. Designed with the finest materials each accessory stands out to be a unique blend of aesthetics and utility. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience. It shall be an absolute honor to partner with you as you seek to use, gift and enjoy each of these barbecue helper tools from brand JIM BEAM.