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Team StyleAsia

I am one of those human specimens blessed with a very slow metabolism. There are times I feel that the mere smell of freshly baked bread or simply stepping into a pastry shop can make me heavier by a pound. I am at constant loggerheads with my weight and must work hard to maintain it.

I exercise with discipline, missing a workout session at the gym is not an option. Packaging, advertising promos, marketing and social media are all focused on making me reach for that one savory or that one instant snack. I must admit I have often succumbed to that temptation, only to hit the gym in all earnest the next day.

Music has always been my faithful companion in my quest to maintain my ideal weight. Whether it is a morning jog or a run on the treadmill I always have my playlist with my favorite genre egging me on. I have a very private relationship with my music, never an ardent fan of blaring music, I have always enjoyed listening to it on my headphones. My young nephew an absolute gadget guru keeps me abreast with what is the latest in the market with regards to music technology. It was on his suggestion that I invested in the LECTRIQUE BLUE TOOTH WIRELESS HEADPHONE. His logic was very simple, if I enjoyed listening to music while working [I am a content writer by profession]and listened to music during my workouts it was a smart investment for me. This smart, soft Bluetooth wireless headphone sat comfortably on my head gently touching my ears as the music flowed through them. My gadget guru suggested the LECTRIQUE FITNESS TRACKER WRISTBAND too. His reasoning again was totally flawless. He simply said it would help me keep on top of my workout and fitness regime. The tracker monitored if I was sedentary too long [ having a desk job, being a content writer, the possibility was quite high], alerted me if I was at a distance from my phone as it is blue tooth enabled. Also alerted me on the count of calories burned in the day, helping me keep track of any shortfall. It is this feature that I rely on most to be on top of my workout. The LECTRIQUE FITNESS TRACKER WRISTBAND sits with pride on my wrist as I work towards a healthy and happy me.

We at Style Asia are the manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler of the LECTRIQUE FITNESS TRACKER WRISTBAND and the LECTRIQUE BLUE TOOTH WIRELESS HEADPHONE. Both gadgets extremely well designed, comfortable to use and extremely supportive of you while you enjoy your music and helping you to be on top of your workout and fitness game. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience. We shall be highly honored if we can partner with you as you seek to turn on the music and work the sweat out. SWEAT IS SWEAT! ITS GOOD FOR YOUR BODY.