The Only Grilling Tool You’ll Ever Need Again: The Jim Beam 6 in 1

jim beam bbq tools




With the dogs days of summer approaching and plenty more backyard barbecues to be had and bottles of rose to consume, it’s certainly not too late to brush up on those burger flipping skills.  This fall promises to deliver record high temperatures and grilling season is thankfully far from over.  Fear not, backyard masters for the grilling gods have a gift just for you.  Presenting the only contraption you ever need again at the grill.  The Jim Beam 6 in 1 spatula has so many bells and whistles it would make a Swiss Army knife downright jealous.


Picture this, the sun is setting and the family is gathered around the freshly cut lawn.  The kids are…wait, where are the kids?  Eh, never mind.  You’ve got to tend to those freshly ground sliders you’ve been salivating over all day. Backyard getting darker at sunset?  Not to worry, a practical flashlight will light the way to grilled perfection.  Need to slice into that tender juicy filet?  The serrated knife has you completely covered. Marinated chicken wings about to hit the grill?  The scraper slot quickly cleans the grill in no time so you can toss on a fresh batch.  Uncle Jimmy forgot to buy the screw top bottles?  The handy dandy bottle opener will save the day, and maybe even the summer for that matter.  Not to mention the essentials like the spatula and tongs.  In fact the only thing this invention DOESN’T do is look after the kids.  Speaking of, where DID they go?…


This summer must-have is a steal and the perfect addition to your grilling arsenal!  At $25 you deserve it.  And so does your grill.