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Among the handful of worldly possessions owned by Mahatma Gandhi, was his famous watch. A simple piece that hung from his loincloth with the help of a safety pin and a piece of khadi thread. A piece he depended upon to keep pace with his busy life. A frugal man, his focus on punctuality is well known. He firmly believed any abuse of time was unethical and is known to have apologized for being late by a minute for his appointment.

Lead by example is one of the main tenants of good parenting. Expect from your children all those virtues that you have inculcated and built in yourself. If you are constantly running late, rushing to work, sometimes tempted to press the accelerator to make it to an important meeting before the boss joins in, expecting them to be ready in time for all their commitments is a foolhardy expectation. They will imbibe what they see you do, as you are their role model and hero at their impressionable age.

Punctuality, a virtue when adopted early in life serves well in the growth and success of an individual. It reflects well on his character and shows depth in his personality. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Respect the opposite persons time and he will respect yours! It is with this belief that I have lived my entire life and am constantly working on embedding the all-important virtue of punctuality in my children too. All their schooling life the children have set their alarm before going to bed, getting up well in time to complete their morning routine of bath and an unhurried breakfast, leisurely walking to the gate to wait for their school bus. At their bed-side there is the Polaroid Weather Station 5 display a multi-functional clock that not only tells the hour but helps them decide clothing for the day too! It gives details of temperature, humidity saving precious time spent deciding dressing according to weather. So well engraved is this habit of waking in time completing their routine and meeting their commitments that I have yet to see them in a flutter because they are running late.

A few days ago, the local newspaper carried an article of a case of overtaking and road rage gone horribly wrong! Three teenagers assaulted a middle-aged man simply because he overtook their vehicle. Two wrongs do not make a right, if the foot was not unduly pressed on the escalator and the youngsters had shown restraint and let the appropriate authority take the desired action against the erring driver a lot of bad blood would have been avoided. Someone was late and was rushing to keep an appointment that was not taken too kindly by the young lot. A complete disregard for law and safety, just because someone was unable to keep time. Not acceptable under any circumstance!

We, at Style Asia carry the Polaroid Weather Station 4 and Polaroid Weather Station 5 displays. Products that reflect quality, style and substance. Can be placed by the bed side or mounted, a mere glance gives information on crucial parameters of indoor temperature, outdoor temperature humidity and barometric pressure besides the all-important alarm and snooze function. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience, it shall be an honor if we can partner with you as you keep time. We believe that Punctuality is the soul of a successful life. Lets join hands to be habitually punctual!