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Family is the building block of every society. Strong, supportive families go a long way in creating stable, secure and confident individuals and by default these very virtues transcend over numerous boundaries leading to a balanced, humane and stable society.

My Grandmother often said,” Happiness is Homemade” Whenever, we gathered at her residence she reveled in the bonhomie displayed by her clan and at the cost of repeating herself and being called senile often muttered “Happiness is Homemade”. Contentment in her eyes and an angelic smile on her face she went about feeding all, her home-made goodies. Her cakes were most sought after and there was yet to be a gathering where there was any left over. Every scrumptious crumb was devoured.

The lady had a heart of gold, so generous was she with her time, money and resources that she had offered to bake cupcakes for the local charity, and without fail every 15th of the month she delivered a hundred cupcakes to them. She considered that gesture a small step in spreading some happiness in an otherwise bleak world. Baking was her passion and she was happiest surrounded by batter, butter and baking powder.

My daughter has inherited her passion for baking and she too is happiest pottering in the kitchen trying various recipes from grandma’s collection. She chanced upon the diary containing those handwritten recipes and there has been no stopping her since then. Creating the original or trying a new recipe, the common ingredient is always love. Every time she succeeds in recreating grandma’s magic I recite HAPPINESS IS HOMEMADE. She has now achieved a level of proficiency where she deserves her own set of baking tools. So, this birthday the rest of the family and I have decided to gift her, her very own bakeware set. We decided on one that includes a loaf pan, muffin pan, cake pan and a cookie sheet too.

That complete set will allow her to satisfactorily pursue her passion and successfully upgrade her delicious creations. Only 12, she says she wants to be a baker by profession and create a brand under the name Happiness is Homemade. Cupcakes will be her specialty. After a break of almost a decade and a half the tradition that grandma had set will be revisited. She has offered to deliver cupcakes to the charity grandma supported. I am extremely proud and content that Happiness is Homemade has grandma’s charity as its first patron.

We at Style Asia carry a variety of bakeware and kitchen ware products from our brand Chefs Basics Select. The 5-piece Non -Stick Bakeware set is one such product that allows you to create your favorite cakes, cookies and cupcakes alike. Made from heavy duty steel, the superior heat conduction ensures consistent baking. The product being non-stick it permits easy food release and clean up. An ideal product for amateurs and professionals alike. Please feel free to connect with us or visit our show room at your convenience. It shall be our privilege if we can partner with you as you Bake someone happy.