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Its officially arrived. Barbecue season is upon us! The month of May heralds the beginning of the favorite national pastime BARBECUING AND TAILGATING. The weatherman is surely reporting more sunny days and fewer cloudy ones. Most households are readying their outdoor and indoor units, the barbecue paraphernalia is getting a scrub down, a trial run is planned before the season opens to the traditional, American celebratory custom. Be it Graduation season, Birthday parties, Memorial Day Celebrations or the 4th of July Celebrations barbecuing, and tailgating continue to be the most preferred form of celebration. This year the Memorial Day holiday falls on Monday 28th of May, which gives us the benefit of enjoying a long relaxed, sumptuous and delicious weekend complete with family, friends fun and frolic.

As tradition would have it the family’s first barbecue gathering for the season is always held on Memorial Day. Belonging to a family of veterans and serving officers this deliberate and contemplative gesture always succeeds in creating a plethora of emotions among all of us. This year by rotation the venue is my home. I am super excited and have begun preparing in earnest. The menu is prepared and approved by my ever-enthusiastic son. The regular ribs, chicken, burgers, sausages make the cut, but now special attention is paid to the ever-increasing number of vegetarians in the family, so corn, mushrooms, potatoes and eggplant are on the list too! As we prepare to celebrate with family and friends I have invested in a 22 Piece Food Serve and Prepare Set with set of 4 Steak Knives, Basting Pot, Basting Brush, 8 Corn Cob Holders, Serrated Spatula, 2 Prong Fork and 4 Skewers. I am super excited and looking forward to cooking with the help of this set. The set is complete in a way that it helps me deal with the multiple mouths that will have to be simultaneously fed. Made from superior quality para wood and premium quality stainless steel these tools promise to make it an awesome experience.

Belonging to a family of barbecue and tailgating enthusiasts and experts, organizing such a gathering is no mean task. Expert comments on presentation and preparation is a given, however, I too am confident that my purchase of the 22 Piece Food Serve and Prepare Set with set of 4 Steak Knives, Basting Pot, Basting Brush, 8 Corn Cob Holders, Serrated Spatula, 2 Prong Fork and 4 Skewers will serve me well. I know I have it all to be the master of the flame.

We, at Style Asia carry an entire range of Barbecue and Tailgating products under the brand JIM BEAM. Jim Beam, a brand associated with quality and value provides every tool required to fulfill all your specific barbecue and tailgating needs. Please feel free to contact us or visit our show room at your convenience. We shall be honored if we can partner with you as you enjoy and celebrate this barbecue season. We firmly believe that happiness is best served smoked and sauced.