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My grandma was one of a kind, a feisty lady who lived life on her terms. Not one to be bogged down by any adversity or challenge she truly believed that she had the creator’s hand on her. Having survived a near fatal accident in her youth, she met and married my grandfather, soon to be widowed. Single handedly bought up two small children. Who grew up to be dynamic successful individuals too! I remember her often saying that she had wanted to name them HEALTH AND HAPPINESS, the ultimate riches of one’s life.

A spiritual soul whenever she met you, she always greeted you with the same affectionate blessing of, “May you always be healthy and happy.” Be it an elderly acquaintance or a youngster. Her greetings never changed.

It’s been a while that grandma passed on. We as a family miss her immensely but enjoy celebrating her life. On the 4th of April she would be a grand 90. She lived a healthy and happy life and so to commemorate that we decided to celebrate her 90th with a memorial service. Her mantra had always been Healthy body + Healthy mind= Happy life. Expecting her young and not so young friends to attend, we put on our What would Grandma do?think hats. What would have she liked to eat, how would she have celebrated, moreover what would she have liked to receive as a gift! Grandma loved her music, often singing out aloud with her ear-phoned snugly pressed into her ears. It was unanimously decided that music and health must be intricately entwined into her memorial gift.

We have zeroed on to two small but extremely appropriate products from Brand Lectrique. A Bluetooth headphone set and a fitness tracker. A combination that makes every work out feel like a dance party. An ideal way to enjoy the synergy between music and fitness. Confident that the youngsters would enjoy their music while dancing and clocking in their steps on the fitness tracker. The not so young would enjoy their music and use the fitness tracker as a reminder for sedentary alert. These products from Brand Lectrique will remind all of grandma, her zest and passion for life and her love for music and health.

We, at StyleAsia are the manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer of products under the brand Lectrique umbrella. The Fitness Tracker and Bluetooth  Wireless Headphone set. Brand Lectrique is one of our established home brands along with Ecothink, Northpoint and American Builder.

StyleAsia takes pride in being a dependable and committed entity in the business of bulk merchandise and wholesale. Its ambit of business is vast, spreading over licensed productspromotional products and loyalty program products. A well-established general merchandise supplier for more than three decades, the ethos of the company requires it to have a holistic understanding of client and customer demands, culminating in maximizing retailer profit and satisfaction.

StyleAsia in its quest to empower scores of businesses pan the United States, allows them to market themselves professionally, using the wide range of products. Available at the most competitive rates, our merchandise is best suited to create and communicate the individual business message that they wish to convey. We have developed a business model that walks you through your entire marketing program. Choose from the wide spectrum of innovative and utility-based products and bring your vision to life. Use our premium products for corporate promotions or in the loyalty rewards programemployee recognition and incentive solutions. With the ability and infrastructure to drop-ship individual purchases too, reward the loyal and the hard-working with a personal touch. We truly qualify as a One -Stop -shop for all your corporate gifting needs.

StyleAsia is also a leading Solar LED supplier, a COCA COLA merchandise supplier, JIM BEAM BBQ accessories and tailgating products manufacturer and supplier, Wholesale supplier for casino marketing programs and casino premium promotions and giveaways. Our line of merchandise includes barware, bakeware and stoneware. Please feel free to connect with us or visit our showroom located in New Jersey at your convenience. It will be an honor to walk you through our entire collection of merchandise.  Ably supported by our shipping partners FEDEX, USPS and UPS we guarantee prompt and efficient delivery. Help us help you achieve your goals.