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Team StyleAsia

I come from a family of professionals. My parents both practicing lawyers. My older sister having graduated from college last summer landed her first job as a software engineer, a dream start to her career in Computer engineering. I am in the senior year of school, and as my peers discuss and dissect their career options I have long decided.

I decided almost eight years ago! It was during our school trip to the Smithsonian museum. An afternoon was spent looking at the past that made me decide my future. Even as a little girl I thoroughly enjoyed pottering around the kitchen, helping my multi- tasking mother serve the meals to the family. That afternoon we were being guided through an area that displayed the artifacts from JULIA CHILD’S KITCHEN. Julia Child was one of America’s renowned cook book author and cooking show host. On display was her actual kitchen as it appeared on her show, the copper pots and pans the gas stove top, the electric stove and the oven too. That legend and her passion to pursue her interest was instrumental in deciding for me my career course. I wanted to get a degree in culinary arts!

I remember returning from the school trip and announcing to the family my decision. I don’t remember my parents being very enthusiastic, I would rate their reaction as tepid. My pillar of support and encouragement was my older sister. She was, has always been and will always be my role model. It was she who encouraged me in her small but meaningful way. Her gifts, ever since my futuristic announcement were related to my ambition. So, over the years she presented me cook books, sourced for me ingredients from native places as I learnt the nuances of preparing dishes from different cuisines, treated me to meals at newly opened restaurants. She was my Santa Claus!

As I enroll into college to pursue my dream my anchor, my support my darling sister presented me with the most amazing collection of bakeware. A set of white stoneware baking dishes from brand Le Regalo. Beautifully and flawlessly constructed these pieces are my most prized possessions. I know with these I will be able to create and present some lip-smacking, scrumptious, and delectable fare.

We, at Style Asia are the manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler of these stone bakeware from brand Le Regalo. Available in multiple sizes and different shapes this collection of bakeware is ideal as the dish for your ” oven to table” special recipes. The ideal utensil to bake, serve and reheat it easily occupies a place of pride in every kitchen and at every table. Please feel free to connect with us or contact us at your convenience. We shall be highly privileged if we can partner with you as you to create culinary delights for your family and friends. In the words of Julia Child,” learn how to cook-try new recipes-learn from your mistakes, be fearless and above all have fun.”