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Its 6:30 A.M. and I am up and about. We have a walking club in our gated community and I am the latest entrant. Enthusiastically I collected my house keys, phone, ear plugs and water bottle all that I would need for my morning workout. Wow! that was a lot to hold in my hands.

I returned from my very first workout exhausted and extremely irritated. If this was to be my morning routine, I definitely needed to find a way of making it more enjoyable. I had struggled with and juggled with all the paraphernalia I had carried along. There had to be a better way I thought to myself. I had dropped my keys twice, my phone once and I couldn’t take a sip of water as I had dropped it into the flowerbed while jogging and the nozzle was full of wet mud. How clumsy of me! I had just finished recounting the morning events to my neighbor and I wondered out aloud that perhaps I should just stick the phone and keys into my pocket and omit carrying the water bottle altogether. That was enough to launch her into a tirade against the idea. She is a certified fitness worker at the local gym and so her opinion and advice have some weightage.

She spent the next quarter of an hour highlighting the importance of water consumption for our bodies, its consumption before, during and after exercise. She explained it so simply and holistically that now I will never set out for a workout without that elixir called Water. She reiterated that water regulated our body temperature and if the body was not well hydrated it would not perform to its optimum level. She insisted that I must keep myself well hydrated as exercise causes loss of water, leads to a shift in the electrolyte balance of our body that may lead to muscle cramps and dizziness. She also informed me that in a well hydrated body the heart does not have to work too hard to pump blood so the nutrients and oxygen which are to be transported throughout the body are easily carried through. Wow! That’s a lot of reason for not compromising on the consumption of water. Now I can proudly proclaim I am a waterholic. I never fail to keep myself hydrated always. Every workout leaves me feeling fit, fine and healthy.

We at StyleAsia carry this specially designed product called the Unisex Adjustable Slim Hydration Fitness Belt with Water Resistant Pocket. This product permits you a hands-free work out. No more juggling and struggling while you carry your personal belongings. Carry two bottles of water and your belongings in the separate compartments. The importance of water in your daily diet, during, before and after your workout cannot be undermined. Please do feel free to contact us or visit our showroom at your convenience. It will be an absolute privilege if we could successfully help you raise your fitness levels by keeping you abundantly hydrated.