I am responsible for the energy I bring into my home.

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I am responsible for the energy I bring into my home. Yes, the entrance to my grandparents’ farm has this sentence beautifully engraved on a wooden plank by the gate. My grandfather a man of few words but many virtues, is a hero in his tiny town.  A principled man who commands immense respect, he was the one entirely responsible for convincing the local community to change from conventional lighting to solar lighting.  A self-taught Solar Energy expert he was often seen explaining the benefits of tapping solar energy, working relentlessly to convince the fellow habitants that savings were guaranteed, and they would pay much less to power their homes.” Be in control of your utility bills” he implored.  “Use the energy it’s for free every day, all day.”

With Father’s Day fast approaching the excitement within my family both immediate and extended is fast increasing. Every year the family converges on the farm for the Father’s Day weekend. Every single member makes it a point to attend, missing this occasion is just not acceptable. Missing it would mean willfully throwing away an opportunity to create beautiful memories, cement relationships and soak the camaraderie that exists between cousins. I never tire of telling my 5-year old the experiences of spending my summer vacations at the farm.

My gift to grand dad is The Solar Blazing Wall Light. A grand piece of illumination that will grace the sides of the main entrance. The flickering light creates a visual treat as it illuminates the surroundings in a warm welcoming glow. His views on green energy and unflinching zeal with which he propagates the use and advantages of renewable energy over conventional means made the choice a no brainer. Here mother nature does all the work. The panels harness the power and save energy. The installation is absolutely hassle free. An awesome combination of aesthetics and application makes this an ideal Father’s Day gift.

Granddad never tires of telling us the meaning of the sentence that he has so grandly and prominently displays at the very entrance of the farm. He often explains that the sentence has a dual connotation! One, the energy requirements of his home is all met by solar and renewable means and so he is not guilty of contributing to the dilapidation of the home we call Mother Earth. He has been a responsible citizen! but more importantly the second explanation that he presents is beautiful and profound! He says, the energy in one’s home should always be positive. He is an extremely positive human being, continuing to live a fulfilling and complete life. Having faced all his trials and challenges with a positive attitude, he encourages us all to do the same too. You attract the energy that you give off. Spread good vibes., think positively, Enjoy life. Is the mantra he lives by.

We, at Style Asia are the manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor of the Solar Blazing Wall Light from Ecothink. A quality solar product for outdoor lighting, it scores high on aesthetics and functionality. With a capability of emitting 120 lumens from the 6 LED’s it is an energy saving and cost-effective product. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience. We shall be highly honored if we can partner with you as you too fulfill your social responsibility of reducing the carbon footprints on planet Earth and illuminate the surroundings with offerings from the sun.