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Team StyleAsia

I am a photographer first by passion and then profession. It was after great persuasion and pleading that I had managed to convince my parents about my career choice. I wanted to be an event photographer and shoot weddings in particular. That was almost 15 years ago when freelancing photography wasn’t the most stable and substantial source of income. I always said that I wanted a passport full of stamps and not a house full of stuff.

I have always pursued my dreams and encourage all youngsters to do so. It is my tryst with the camera that has allowed me to traverse continents and shoot destination weddings and events. I truly believe that the best stories are found between the pages of a passport and I have been extremely lucky to have experienced some amazing ones. It is with great pride that I recount that every stamp on my passport relates a story. Technology has evolved tremendously over the last two decades and with it my kit bag. From a simple one carrying only basic equipment it has metamorphized into something entirely different. Now besides my main camera, I carry a backup camera [can’t afford a breakdown] lenses, flash, flash battery, memory cards, microfiber towels to keep equipment free from dust and the most important addition to the pack, THE 6-IN-1 POWER OUTLET. This amazing piece of technology takes care of charging my appliances without any ado no matter which continent I am shooting on. So, whether it is America, Europe or Australia I have no worries. This little piece of technology has it all covered. With the capability of charging 6 appliances at a time, there never has been a panic situation for me ever. Always charged! Fully Charged!

I am truly obsessed with photography, and I can proudly say that there has never been an ebb in that enthusiasm, it has only grown. If not an event assignment, I am travelling and shooting architecture, ancient forts excite me. My upcoming visit is to be India, the state of Rajasthan on its western border. Known for its numerous palaces and forts, this visit to the desert state promises adventure and excitement.  My camera is my soul mate and I can safely say that I am in a relationship with my passport.

We at StyleAsia are the wholesaler of the 6Port USB A/C Power adapter. A well designed, well conceptualized piece of technology that takes care of your multiple charging requirements irrespective of which continent you are using it on. Ideal and a must have for every traveler and gadget owner, whether you are travelling on business or pleasure you can be rest assured that you are always connected. Please feel free to contact us or visit us, we shall be highly privileged to partner with you in your sojourns across continents.