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Two thought provoking instances, unrelated but still connected, occurred in a short span of a fortnight. It caused us much mental turmoil and emotional anguish. However, a positive approach and desire to resolve and make amends saw us take small but meaningful measures.


The first instant required the family to have a discussion with our grand-daughter about, The destruction of the environment and the factors responsible for the same. As the discussion progressed I felt small, selfish and like a greedy plunderer, who for his selfish cause of development and so-called progress had battered mother nature making her survival arduous and challenging. Every time the discussion veered to who caused it, her eyes looked sadly and accusingly at us. The generation to which her parents and grandparents belonged was invariably the answer. A school project that succeeded in bringing about a change in the way we thought and what we prioritized.

The second instant had my grand-daughter report sick and miss four days of school due to a respiratory infection that she had contracted. Her pediatrician attributed it to the increasing pollution levels in the city. It was heart wrenching to hear her cough and struggle with her breath. We felt responsible again, a sense of remorse engulfed us. This was not the environment we wanted her to grow up in. We owed her clean, fresh air and a pollution free surrounding.


We had to make amends, the damage was enormous but that could not be the reason of not urgently addressing the issue. It was a conscious family decision to go green. With a lot of deliberation and discussions, we collectively decided to go solar and totally revamp our electrical fittings. Investing in solar light fittings was just a start. We are consciously and wholly embracing everything solar. Realization that it is mandatory to adopt that form of energy that puts environment, health and humans first made it our moral responsibility to change. We owed it to our grand-daughter, the society and to mother nature.


Our entire outdoor and patio area is aesthetically lit with the Ecothink 4-Pack Solar LED light setA spectacularly omnipotent light that abundantly radiates, is what we have invested in. Easy to mount, its use has helped us get rid of all messy electric wire. The use of solar lighting has considerably reduced our electricity expenditure but our aim is to achieve a zero-electricity bill. I spend the better part of my day researching Solar Battery Back-ups. Our next go -solar project for the home involves investing in such batteries that are powerful enough to run the different gadgets and appliances that we have come to depend upon.


Everyone is so involved in our go- solar activity that we have taken the suggestion given by our dear grand-daughter very seriously. This year we are going to gift solar only. So, whether birthday, anniversary, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, thanksgiving or Christmas or a house warming party, the gifts exchanged or presented are to be solar. We are extremely satisfied with the Ecothink 4-Pack Solar LED light set, easy on the pocket, endearing to the eye, it respects mother nature. This is her small way of spreading awareness of the dangers of global warming and introducing the advantages of green energy.

We at Style Asia are the manufacturer/ wholesaler/distributor of Solar Lighting of our registered brand Ecothink. Ecothink as a brand is committed to quality and maximum efficiency and effectiveness. The Ecothink 4-Pack Solar LED light set is the latest lighting from the Ecothink family. Ecothink carries a large variety of indoor and outdoor solar lighting, each aesthetically designed and successfully creating beautiful ambiences. Please feel free to connect with us or contact us at your convenience. We shall be highly honored if we can partner with you as you too step forward to fulfill your social responsibilities of providing clean air and green energy.