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“Do what you love and don’t look at the clock “is definitely not the best advice to give a 14-year-old. I have learnt this from the daily altercations that I have with my son.  Ironically this is what I happen to have said to him often in the summer when he took up extra coaching for basketball, but now this teenager with his warped sense of humor claims he will only play and nothing more. Says he is doing exactly what I had advised him to do, doing what he loves and not looking at the clock.

Yesterday, I helped him pack his kit as he was to accompany his school team to play the elimination round for the local championships. He must have reminded me to put in his alarm clock in the backpack at least thrice and I saw him check if it was in at least twice. Though at times I genuinely think his sole mission in life is to raise my blood pressure, he has his priorities set right. That young man does me proud. When I asked him why was he so concerned about having the clock along with him, he looked at me sheepishly and said he needed the alarm to be up well in time as he had been given the charge of having the team up and ready at least an hour before the scheduled match. The coach seeing his dedication and discipline had entrusted him that responsibility. He wasn’t made captain for nothing.

Yes, using that simple device has helped him lead a disciplined life. I have never seen him rush around like a headless chicken trying to make it to class in time. He is always very calm, composed and prepared for the moment. [ except on the basketball court where he is like a live wire, fully charged ready to take on the opposition]. Aggressive when needed most! All this he attributes to his being on time. I am very grateful that his love for the sport has taught him the importance of punctuality and inculcated the virtues of reliability and accountability. As I watch him dribble and dunk I am confident that these lessons learnt early in life will go a long way in shaping his personality. Preparedness and punctuality are two of the most important qualities of a leader, said John. A Widtsoe.

When I admonish him for being outdoors for long periods of time He says Ma “I do what I love doing, but yes I am watching the clock”.

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