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My husband and I have celebrated 28 years of togetherness, and every Valentine celebration has been uniquely different and every Valentine Day gift from him to me has been well thought of and original. I cannot say the same for me. I have utilitarian leanings; my gifts are always need and utility based. I forget the last time I bought something because it was pretty or new in the market. So, my gifts to him are the usual wallet, tie, shaver or briefcase.

The thoughtfulness, sensitivity and originality of my husbands thinking never fails to surprise me.Every time I believe he loves me a tad bit more. Every year as we enter the month of February, I secretly wonder what will he present me this year? I must admit I am never let down as every year he gifts me an unusual piece that after some time leaves me wondering,how did I manage without it before?

Yesterday, was 14th February, Valentines Day a day hijacked by media and marketers. Its been a few years that we have stopped going out for the so-called romantic dinners. Both of us find the local places noisy and crowded, so we rather retire into the comfort of our home, doing what we love most, that is, spending time in each other’s company reminiscing of the years gone by, listening to our favorite music and enjoying a delicious home cooked meal accompanied with our favorite wine. Last evening the tone was set even before I returned from work, it was his day off from work and so the onus of setting up the dinner fell on him. I walked into a candle-lit room,” I just called to say I love you “was playing. That song was a chart buster in our college days, and we remember that it played at the Jam sessions and every club.The dinner table was set, the room was filled with a mixture of smells, aroma of the scented candles and savory smell emitting from the kitchen made me hurry to join my husband. An elaborate meal waited to be served. What caught my eye was the beautiful Glass and Ceramic set at the center of the table. A new piece, I had not seen that one before. I guessed that was my gift this time.

The center piece at the table was the LE REGALO 10-PC SERVING SETAesthetically designed, the set included three glass and three ceramic containers with bamboo scoopers all placed on a wooden tray with rope handles. So thoughtfully designed was this piece of tableware that the containers were placed in tiny grooves to prevent them from sliding in time of serving. Husband dear had filled every alternate container with a neatly rolled piece of paper, that had printed on it a couplet. Two intense lines that he had penned for me, expressing how lucky, happy and blessed he felt having me as his partner. The other three containers had tiny red heart candies, the Hershey’s kisses chocolate and my favorite cranberries. What a beautiful and subtle and stylish way to present was my immediate thought. As I said earlier, he never fails to surprise me. To buy and appropriately use was indeed awesome.

We, at StyleAsia are the manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor of this awesome and appropriate server set from Le Regalo. Le Regalo a brand that aspires to take a position of pride in every home and at every table with its collection of kitchen and table ware. Each piece aesthetically designed, using premium quality material. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience. We shall be highly honored if we can partner with you as you seek to express your love, make a friend smile or simply serve your guests in an awesome and appropriate way. A great gifting idea for a number of occasions, be it Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas or Thanksgiving.

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