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May all your troubles soon be gone,

Oh, beautiful lights keep shining on….

That’s what my grandmother got us to chant as all the family got down on their knees and decorated the tree and strung the fairy lights around the house. The tradition continues and come November this tune buzzes through my head and no matter what I do I can’t seem to stop humming it.

Holiday season is around the corner and I am excited. It’s the magical season with family and friends bonding, a time to share and bask in the warmth and goodness of love and happiness. A mere mention of this holiday season spreads cheer and warmth all around, its thought brings on a smile, no matter what trials and tribulations one is facing. To my mind it is the only time where one feels warm inside out, when everything else is covered in snow and freezing. December is truly magical.

In our family we have a tradition of putting up the tree in early December. Our tree is decorated slowly, one branch at a time, each ornament hung lovingly and with utmost care. My grandmother would insist that each of us must make an ornament with our own hands using our imagination and then dedicate it to a member of our family or any close friend who was no longer with us or could not attend our 24th Eve gathering as they lived far away. I have continued this tradition to this day. It is a simple way of remembering all those who have touched our lives and keeping them in our prayers and wishing them well. As a result of the handmade ornament condition we have some strange looking articles that make up part of the decorations, but I will have it no other way. My tree continues to be most beautiful and unique one and with every passing year the decorations get better and more imaginative. This year my granddaughter, all of six ,has promised to make a little kitten of thermocol and cover it in tinsel as a kitten is the newest entrant in our family. She insists the pets must be represented too.

Decorations are a huge part of the holiday season. The joyful decorations create a magical atmosphere. Every tree looks beautiful, every twinkling light promises a better tomorrow, every flickering candle blesses you with abundance and joy. The enthusiasm of my children to celebrate this joyous occasion with a tree, decorations, gifts and sumptuous, delicious food never fails to bring a smile to my face. However,  the ultimate joy will be when they truly understand the significance of this wonderful celebration. Peace, Love and Togetherness.

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