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Team StyleAsia

Happiness is ………… buying your dream home. I am the proud, new owner of a very old house. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it, a quaint little house away from the city crowds. I have lived and worked in the city all my life and now as I approach retirement I am looking forward to living in the lap of nature. Surrounded by peace and tranquility. With my children having moved out in pursuit of their respective careers, this decision was collectively taken by my spouse and myself. We had a common vision of how and where we wanted to spend our twilight years.

The minute we stepped on to the property, us being there just felt right. We were engulfed in a warmth that said WELCOME HOME. Yes, it needed more than just a coat of paint, it needed an overhaul. It was an old house, and we were willing to give it everything. Both of us went into renovation mode and talked nineteen to a dozen as the ideas spewed out.

Renovations need careful planning. Main criteria being costs, practicality and aesthetics. For us, all of these were equally important, not any one less than the other. We had a budget, yet we didn’t want to compromise, after all it was our dream home. The practicality of every change undertaken, cost incurred had to be fully justified. We spent hours bent over quotes and designs for furniture and fixtures trying to maintain a balance between what we wanted and what we needed. There was never a dull moment between yes, no and maybe. We knew it would look a lot worse before it started to look better. However, one aspect that did not require a great deal of discussion was to go solar all the way. Our Indoor and outdoor lighting was to be Solar. It was a unanimous decision. Yes, we had decided to adopt green technology, that was to be our contribution towards reducing the carbon footprints on mother earth.

The great part of solar lighting was that it fully and totally complied with our requirement of budget, practicality and aesthetics. With no ugly switch boards, exposed wires and high maintenance and exorbitant bills our outdoors was going to be a magical place where we intended to spend the maximum time. One of the pieces that we have invested in is a 3-in-1 Solar Light Set. This practical, aesthetic and cost-effective piece has multiple applications! It can be staked, mounted and/or guttered. That one type can take care of all our outdoor requirements. The bright LED’S light up our back and front yard at dusk. I can proudly say that we have successfully increased the value of our home, maintained its original character and intrinsically woven our preferences and personalities with the renovations and additions to the house that we now proudly call home.

We at StyleAsia carry a wide range of indoor and outdoor Solar lighting products. Please do feel free to contact us or visit our showroom for guided tour as you plan the lighting in your home. It will be an absolute privilege if we could partner you as you build and light up your dream home.